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  1. I'm from Venezuela and she's one of the biggest international artists there. Huge fanbase. Even Britney Jean went Platinum. I've been living in Argentina for over a year and she's big here. I listen to her music on the radio (specially BOMT or OIDIA) and you can still she's not forgotten. I think Glory went Top 5 here for weeks, so... not bad.
  2. If we're gonna get her "Open Arms" vocals... hell yes
  3. I'll play it but i won't watch the video... i like to pretend it never happened
  4. Freakshow__

    other Favourite Britney song?

    Impossible to pick only one but i can name a few... in random order Heaven On Earth, How I Roll, Trip To Your Heart, Amnesia, Quicksand, Overprotected, And Then We Kiss... and many more