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  1. I’m cackling to this very day Bonust Track: we finally got live Work Bitch vocals shortly after that
  2. A bit too basic.. I don't think anything will ever top Anywhere.. that song was a f**king bop at least this one is better then the atrocity that Girls was...
  3. Chris87

    other Gold digger

    bitch, please of course everybody who is dating a celebrity/star/singer etc will get some perks out of it.. even without trying.. Look and Jwan, Ricky's husband... did anybody heard of him 2 years ago? No.. now his art is selling, he will get his own gallery, he has magazine covers.. will I call him a gold digger? Not in a million years... Does Sam put Britney's name on those shirts? No.. so what is the issue here? Fans here are selling fake shirts/cds/dvds with HER image, using her brand and getting money out of it without her knowledge and yet people are buying it and nobody on this site says a word.. think about it..
  4. Chris87

    other Is this Britney?

    Lol it’s not her, bitch da fuq?
  5. Chris87

    exhale Britney misheard lyrics

    I remember during first week of Glory we all thought in If Im Dancing she sings - my chakra's green and red but he wants blow and weed instead