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  1. Oh wow, she sounds exactly the same on the reharsals as during last 5 years of POM
  2. This is a sign for her Team - why invest more in her show when we can spend less and even get more coins The even more disappointing times are coming for us
  3. Chris87

    socialney Another spot on parody. Screaming!

    but they are too accurate.. unfortunately this is what people take out of her posts.. In the past people were inspired by her amazing choroes.. those parodies are simply the fallout of her actions to fade into oblivion
  4. Whoever believes the OP hasn't learnt a damn thing in the past few years on this board
  5. Chris87

    other Vox Lux Movie Performances Remind Me of POM

    Cannot wait to see it. It think it will be in my country in January tho
  6. Chris87

    other Domination 1st leg vs 2nd leg (Game)

    And she will have cat ears on her head to make the outfit complete.. the same ones from her trip to Target with Sam
  7. Chris87

    other Domination 1st leg vs 2nd leg (Game)

    OMG, nailed it and those cats heads on top of the soxs