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  1. WTF is this? #AboutGlory? We are always trolled by her & her team. STOP. We are like guinea pigs for them .
  2. Make Me obviously looks like a 6th single video.
  3. Til it's God #139? Love Me Down #127? Phonography #82? God On The Moon #44?
  4. Please, can someone explain to me what is exactly a "blind item" ? I' ve been hearing about that term in the last months. Are these rumours or what?
  5. Do you remember how some users said "team Britney is smart", "they know what they have to do with this performance"?
  6. BBMA 2016 was EPIC for me it's her real comback. She was nervous at first, but then she slayed the world. She killed the choreo. Some of her biggest hits in one performance. Amazing production, lights, 24 dancers and nice camera shots. Everything we needed for the VMAs...
  7. 9. Britney Jean 8. Baby One More Time 7. Oops! I did it again 6. Britney 5. Circus 4. Femme Fatale 3. In The Zone 2. Glory 1. Blackout
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