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  1. I found this article which says the following: Source: http://www.digitalspy.com/music/feature/a803975/britney-spears-and-the-curse-of-the-scrapped-music-video-6-times-its-happened-before/ I remember reading on TMZ a little while ago, that the label thought the video was too random and made no sense. So they wanted her to start from scratch and film a video with more of a storyline. I'm inclined to believe this, especially after reading this statement. As I've said before, I don't think the original video looked any better tbh. It just had more setups. I also wasn't a fan of them electrocuting and killing the guy in the swimming pool. WTF was the point of that?? It just looked ridiculous and I wish fans would let it go.
  2. Don't be scared. She put out a great album where she sounds more present than she has since ITZ. That's good enough for me. The time was inevitably going to come when Britney wasn't as commercially successful as she used to be. It happens to everybody at some point. It's happening to every other female pop artist with a long career right now.
  3. I agree. Britney has attempted to show the public the more personal side of her through the For The Record and I Am Britney Jean documentaries. If that's not good enough for you, then too bad.
  4. I'll take some small amount of criticism due to her lip-syncing over the media insanity that consumed her life in 2007 any day of the week. This is NOTHING. Also, with all the hate she received during that time, I also felt like the general sentiment was one of sympathy. I really felt like the majority of people were rooting for her and wanted her to "come back." Hence the disappointment people feel now.
  5. I think people really saw how far she had fallen as a performer at the VMAs in 2007. Lip-syncing is nothing new for Britney (those who have followed her since the beginning know this), but she always used to kill it with the dancing and overall stage presence. When she released the Circus album in 2008, everyone with eyes and a brain could see that Britney the performer wasn't improving much. However, this was mostly forgiven because people saw that Britney was improving and getting healthier on a personal level. Expectations were at an all-time low, because of how much of a wreck her life had been. You have to remember, Circus came out the same year she was committed to a 5150 psychiatric hold. People were just glad to see her looking good and appearing to be happy. The thought was, "Oh, she just needs time. She'll get better." The problem is that she never did get better. Years passed and we got Femme Fatale. It was still the same lackluster song and dance routine. The Vegas shows are not an improvement, either. In 2009, I knew that the public mostly overlooking her lackluster performances wouldn't last very long. This is the real world. In the real world, you're not going to be coddled for the rest of your life because you went through a tough time in your past. That's life. You're expected to move on, step up to the plate, and deliver your best. Britney isn't doing that, because we've seen what she can do before all this mess happened. She comes across as someone who just doesn't care anymore. This is also reflected in the albums she released post-Blackout and pre-Glory. The songs, while good, appeared to be more influenced by her team wanting her to continue down the "comeback streak" and have an ensured hit. It's great that we have the Britney we know and love back again on Glory. But by now, the GP isn't taking notice and I don't blame them. As a fan, I learned during the Circus era to not have ANY expectations when it comes to Britney. Just take what she gives you for what it is. Bless her fans who still have hope the Britney of 2003 will emerge again. Sadly, I think those days are long gone.
  6. Original Gimme More (although I'm not holding my breath) However, I have a feeling they never finished filming it. I think they had a very limited amount of footage/setups to work with. Hence why we got the video we got. The makeup artist was interviewed a couple years ago and said that Britney sabotaged the shoot by refusing to listen to the director and follow the script. Source: http://www.gigwise.com/news/91782/the-amazing-secrets-of-britney-spears-troubled-gimme-more-video-revealed
  7. They should do one for Gimme More using the original concept!
  8. What You Need would be a good closer (if she sang it live). I'm also here for another Breathe On Me/Touch Of My Hand section. I think Slumber Party would fit in there very well!
  9. While his reaction seems staged, it seemed very real on her end. It looked like she was in a car. lol
  10. This is probably my favorite look of her's post-2007. This is the most like herself she's looked in a very long time, even compared to her appearances since. Very natural and comfortable looking.
  11. Just because something is "simple" doesn't make it terrible.
  12. This needs to be a single! PLEASE!!!
  13. The Mariah and Mean Girls ones are GREAT!
  14. I agree with the OP about the dancing. I, personally, thought that the VMAs were a huge improvement though, because she did a mid-tempo song with choreography that wasn't high-energy. Britney actually seemed on-point with her dancers instead of having her backup dancers out-dance her. I think that was a smart move and if she truly can't dance like she used to, then she should stick to that. But if she's going to perform a song like DYWCO, she needs to bring 2004ney back or just NOT DO IT, because that Today Show performance didn't cut it AT ALL. Another thing that I felt improved at the VMAs was her apparent lack of nerves. She didn't show that she was nervous at all during that performance. She actually showed some personality and confidence like she did way back when. I think that's another thing that's been missing lately. It usually looks like she's just going through the motions, but she seemed to be enjoying herself at the VMAs. As for the lip-syncing, I see nothing wrong with it, because other artists do it all the time and get away with it. It's not fair to me that someone like Michael Jackson can lip-sync on stage several times and be called the greatest performer of all time. But if Britney does it, it's wrong. That's unfair. I think Britney should keep lip-syncing as an act of rebellion.
  15. I didn't even notice when she grabbed his **** the second time! You're very observant! Hahaha PS - I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the VMA performance was better than the BBMA performance.
  16. I thought it was ballsy for the host to ask her if she really had creative control or if the team around her was force-feeding her music to record. This was a good interview. Somehow, I feel like there's more to the interview than what is posted on their site. The first part seemed to end so abruptly.
  17. I think Coupure Électrique would make a great video interlude. I understand if she wants to extend the Vegas residency instead of touring. However, I think if that's the case, she should start from scratch and do an entirely new show. Take a few months off to work on it. Change the title from Piece of Me to Glory and make it revolve around the new album. Of course include the hits people want to hear, but have the setlist be similar to a touring setlist by putting the majority of the new album in there.
  18. This seems to be a typical trend in the media lately. Take a topic that isn't a social justice issue and make it a social justice issue. I don't think it's misogynist to expect a pop star to be in shape. It is part of the job after all. I'll admit, I thought the public was incredibly unfair to Britney when judging her weight after the 2007 VMAs. She wasn't "fat" by any means and I don't think the outfit she wore was unflattering to her at all. But I don't think that judgement is exclusive to women. If Usher got on stage and took off his shirt, he would get dragged online if he had a belly with man *****. I remember there were paparazzi pictures of Channing Tatum jogging years ago that got a lot of attention. He was shirtless and clearly gained weight. People were picking on him relentlessly for his appearance. And I don't think its misogynist for the public to expect Britney to be at her absolute best. Once again, that's part of the job. People have seen what she's capable of. True, she's not 20 anymore. But getting older doesn't necessarily mean you lose it. Look at Madonna. When folks see Britney's backup dancers out-dancing her, they're naturally going to react. I think it's a valid criticism. I think people (male and female) should be encouraged to give their all in their work and it makes sense why people don't think Britney is giving her all. I also don't think the media scrutiny was the reason for Britney's "meltdown." I will admit I don't know the woman, so I can't even say for sure myself what the reason was. However, I suspect that would've happened regardless of whether she was famous or not. People who fall that far down (keep in mind I'm talking personally, not professionally) have it traced back to their childhood. Certain things that took place as a child form the path you take as an adult. I'm sure the media didn't help, but I don't think they're the cause.
  19. So many other artists get away with lip-syncing. Michael Jackson's Motown 25 performance was lip-synced! Why is that okay, but Britney always gets **** for it? It's not fair. Let the girl lip-sync all she wants.
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