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  1. Article discussing the double standard in the way the show portrays the #MeToo situations:
  2. Shane Dawson's New Series On Jeffree Star Feels Like A Phony Money-Grab READ MORE
  3. "CNN’s 'Equality Town Hall' Was Supposed To Highlight Progressive Values, So Why Was It So Regressive?" READ MORE
  4. MORE: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/falling-for-straight-guys
  5. New article from Odyssey: "The #FreeBritney Movement Shows All That Is Wrong With Outrage Culture" https://www.theodysseyonline.com/free-britney-movement
  6. It's amazing how even when she tries to clear things up and asks for privacy, you guys don't let up.
  7. Even if what is said in the voicemail is true, how do we know what is being done isn't in her best interests? If she is mentally ill and refuses to take her medications, then refuses to take new medications her doctor prescribed instead, that sounds like a valid reason for said mentally ill patient to be taken to a facility. I felt the story of her checking herself into the facility was fishy, but I thought that was due to her team trying to protect her privacy and avoid another 2008-level scandal. Her fans using her recent tours and Vegas residency as proof of her being able to run her own life don't know what they're talking about. She doesn't drive herself to Vegas everyday. She has a team around her to make sure she fulfills her professional obligations. Have we forgotten what her work ethic was like pre-2008? Remember the Allure interview she blew off several times and ended up bailing out of completely? Or the OK Magazine photo shoot that turned into a disaster? Or maybe the Ryan Seacrest interview where she couldn't be bothered, handed the phone to someone else and hopped in the shower? And of course, there's the 2007 VMAs. How are we to know that her work ethic won't go back to that if this conservatorship ends? There's no way for us to know this sort of control isn't necessary for her. A conservatorship is meant to control someone's financial assets when they are unfit to do so themselves. One of the symptoms of bipolar disorder is a failing work ethic, as evident by her behavior mentioned above. If she ruins her professional reputation, she won't pull in nearly as much money and the money she already has won't last much longer. It sounds to me like the fans who are going on and on about #FreeBritney don't know what they're talking about. They don't know a thing about mental illness or what a conservatorship even is. It also goes to show how far this outrage culture has gone. Anyone can call a fan podcast and be believed. Even though the hosts said they "verified" him, what does that even mean? How do we know what their "verification" process is like and if it's even trustworthy? Just because they say he's "credible," we're supposed to believe them? *sigh* Rant over.
  8. Thanks for the info guys! I literally only saw the Disney Channel movie back in 2004 and had no idea anything took place before or since. lol
  9. Wait a minute... Wait just a damn minute... Are you telling me The Cheetah Girls continued without Raven?? I though it was a Disney Channel movie. They were a thing???
  10. I always thought the writing credits in BJ were fishy. I remember an interview Britney did with Ryan Seacrest (the one where will.i.am was sitting next to her) and she was talking about Passenger as if the song was completely written before she even recorded it. I must say, though, I don't understand the extreme hate that album gets. Is it her most personal album? Nope. Are the writing credits an insult to the fans' intelligence? Probably. But I liked all the songs. Bless those hopeful fans who believe the hype her team tries to create for each album. I've learned to stop buying into that a long time ago. Every time Britney gets ready to release an album now, Larry does an interview saying it's going to be her Ray of Light. EVERY. *******. TIME. By the time BJ came out, I learned to have ZERO expectations and just take the album for what it is. You'd think her fans would know better.
  11. I got In The Zone Britney!!! I ******* hate BuzzFeed, but this quiz TOLD THE TRUTH!
  12. Because it might not be imprisonment. That was my whole point. She appears to be someone who needs a structured team around her leading the way. Whenever she had an opportunity to make decisions on her own, she acted irresponsibly and irrationally.
  13. That's what I think too. When people have issues, whether it's addiction or mental illness, there's usually a period of "tough love" on the part of those who truly care about the person. That's why family and friends hold interventions, because the person is either in denial or isn't of sound mind. I think this may have been the case with Britney. When someone has an issue like this, they're going to fight it and see those trying to help them as "the enemy." I think some fans are blind in their adoration for Britney Spears and think she's always right. She's a human being. They call it "imprisonment," but it might be what's best for her.
  14. I don't understand why it's not enough at this point for her to just release a great album. Did you all really think that Britney would always be as commercially successful as she was during the first five years of her career? She has nothing left to prove at this point. Why let low sales/chart positions ruin a fantastic album? I just don't get it. Maybe she doesn't care about her star fading. Maybe she's even happy about it. After the intense scrutiny that she lived under in the past, she's probably loving not being focused on as much. I don't really care. She has solidified her position as the Princess of Pop and nobody can take that away from her. Besides, it's about the music at the end of the day. And the music is ******* awesome. Let her have her residency in Vegas, be a mom, and live a more quiet life. She's probably very happy that way. And I think Larry is right about fans' conspiracy theories. None of them are in her inner circle, yet so many of them are jumping to conclusions.
  15. Well, he was the choreographer for the Hold It Against Me and Till The World Ends videos. He also choreographed those Femme Fatale promo performances too. I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  16. Yeah I've seen this video before. I'm aware of the rumored concept that's been floating around the internet. What I'm asking is, where did this storyline come from? Is it a reliable source?
  17. Has there ever been a reliable source with information on the initial storyline for the Gimme More video? I know of the one that has been rumored for years now. But I feel like there was a post on a fan forum (it may have been this one) and everyone just ran with it. But that may have just been in the imagination of the user.
  18. That has nothing to do with it. This happens with record labels all the time. I remember Mariah Carey saying once that she actually shot two different videos for Vision of Love. She said the first one was "thrown out" because the director had her "in a bra on a bed." So they made her re-shoot an entirely different video.
  19. They're the ones who released that statement to Rolling Stone, not Larry.
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