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  1. Good luck guys. I hope for all the fishy things to get exposed and investigated. Also court system decision that gave 26 yo woman to be put under cship of her alcoholic father without even noticing her should be investigated. Truth always comes out. We just have to wait and see
  2. I like perfect lover remix. Other than that it is just a lot of hand hair shaking as.s touching choreo for Britney. Not good at all.
  3. I think she already is done. At least while in cship. But i would love to see her performing till 60s ofc not running into a stage in a lingerie. She can make music as long as she wants to make it
  4. Team Lou please gfu. I don't care if it 6,7 or any other day of august. Why would u even put that chit. To show her even more unstable caring about that ppl say? Clapping back for no reason? Why don't u show us that ur client is properly cared in that fg 12 year cship by sleeping in a time she wants to sleep not making pic at 1 am. Wtf. Or maybe to show beautiful pics in swimming pool or at the beach. U do that right. Stop feeding us with ur stupidity,please. u r not getting any coins from us in near future. So just stop. Please. Stop.
  5. trust the system that says that Britney is incapacitated to make decisions about her life but can provide for the whole family
  6. Madonna didn't even graced the video with her presence. It is so boring comparing to her previous mvs not counting animated one
  7. Probably her team deleted. Maybe they finally realised that video wasn't showing her in a best way. But who am i kidding. They just doing anything to show her unstable. Britney is a legend still most of the time we talk about her messy insta posts. It is so frustrating. I just want her team to give us a break and stop deleting reposting same pics with different captions. Honestly it is really starts getting on my nerves. Stop treating fans like we r so stupid.
  8. Same. And i don't think i'll change my mind. Still wanna see the video though
  9. Why is she always has that black circles like she didn't wash her makeup. I mean she has so many beautiful pics and then videos showing her that way. And i am not here to judge. It is just why to even post videos like that. It doesn't make any sense. Does it. But i liked her smile when she tried to ask wrong question. That smile is everything.
  10. I like the last one. Pants look good on her
  11. She is out of breathe what is understandable esp during pregnancy. She seems to have fun but it is probably pregnancy hormones make her do all this unique renditions of the songs. Btw some parts were actually good.
  12. For sure. Britneys name sells good. There is also Xtina version she reposted herself.
  13. I do not want beieve it but she made some sense to cloning idea. Things she said about Justin Bieber is just crazy
  14. That is so heartbreaking. And yes it is in a way similar to Britney. I just hope Britneys life would be better and will last longer
  15. First concert of foreign group was 30 seconds to Mars 2014 Love Lust Faith + Dreams tour. Only time they came to my city. I was screaming my lungs out Britney Xtina Jlo came only to big cities like Moscow and St Petersburg. And i really couldn't go there to see them. But now i think i better went then now with corona i don't even know if it will be possible.
  16. She needs to record smth with Cardi.
  17. It has to be one of the ways of promoting her and creating more attention to her as an artist. At least i think that any celebrity's sm should be about that in about 60%of the posts. But in Britney case it is just too much. So many mind games. I don't even want to think about it anymore. I just want her to be free and happy.
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