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  1. Why don"t u pray yourself and give other ppl freedom to do whatever they want to do. That is their prerogative P.s. r u a family member of her to say us she is not well?
  2. Lucky by Britney. If there is nothing missing in my life
  3. Britneys Gimme more. I remember listening it so loud the day it was out. And it need to be played that way
  4. This. then mеn at my work really piss me off i sing that song inside
  5. I mean they told actors to not talk with Britney. This is nonsense. Why can't she has a small talk with ppl on set. Or they r so scared she will say that they did to her. This is really not normal. She has a right to talk to ppl. Cship should make her feel better and healthier. And if u not communicating with ppl at least 1-2 words u become even more guarded and into yourself. It is definitely not good for her mental health. Doesn't mean she should talk with every stranger but just to say smth like i like this and that to the ppl u worked together on set. What they do to this woman is abuse.
  6. I just found this. Idk if it is possible. But at least we can try https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/conservatorship-and-civil-liberties-britney-spears
  7. i don't like Katies version. Rita Oras voice so much better on this song.
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