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  1. It's epic for me. I hate when I go to a club and they play her solo version. Britney slayed even though she really sounds like she has a flu lol. Love it.
  2. this song is pop perfection and I wish it was for britney
  3. I don't understand anything at all. The new Exhale is seriously bad, and it made me stop visiting the forum. EDIT: why do I only have 1513 posts?! What happened?!
  4. I mean, this is an edit from a 100 of different videos lol. If we do this with Work ***** and others, it's going to be the 'same' energy. The choreo was good, but she never did it live. So, I can't praise it.
  5. she looks like this on IWG. She looks full on life on S&S remix. She looks hot as **** on Slubmer Party, Womanizer, Circus, IUSA, shut up.
  6. Not gonna talk about earlier videos because I was a child and honestly I wouldn't remember my honest reaction. But from the last 10, 13 years, I would say Womanizer (after Blackout videos, that was schoking), Ooh La La (don't judge me, but I was really shocked at how beautiful she looked, way better than S&S videos) and Work ***** (loved every single second of the video).
  7. If she's fine with it, let her tell the judge she's ok, let her use her social media, let her go to TV and radios and speak the truth. I don't buy it, this is bullshit.
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