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  1. 2 hours ago, pablitonizer said:

    Actually, if she released her lead single by the end of March and it's a real bop, something pop dancing old-school-Britney-type-of-song then it'll attrack more GP to her shows... with a studio album dropping in June  :ineedthetruth:

    if this was planned it could totally be reconfigured like:

    US  leg: July

    Europe leg: August - September

    US + Canada + Mexico  leg: October 


    Why Mexico only though? Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, etc, they all deserve her as well. 

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  2. Break the Ice: hot vocals, hot lyrics, but not my favorite from Blackout at all. 7.5/10

    Man on the Moon: I had goosebupms the first time listening to it, its such a beautiful song. 10/10

    Circus: hot lyrics, the production is great, but I needed a new verse on the last breakdown. 8.5/10

    Ooh Ooh Baby: cool song 7/10

    Seal it with a Kiss: underrated song from FF. 7.5/10

  3. 10 minutes ago, PerfumeGuy said:

    I guess the reason why MM became the lead single was because it shows a vocally more powerful Britney (particularly the chorus part (ooooo) and the high and low notes at some points) :mhm: I think the whole album Glory attempts to show a vocally strong Britney as all songs sound vocally enhanced with all these additions towards their ends (Love Me Down vocals etc.). Particularly the song, "Private Show" (it was a kind of single too I guess), also aims to display Britney's vocal strength, I think. :huh:

    And it kinda worked. Glory is vocally better than BJ, FF and maybe even Circus. 

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  4. 5 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

    hmm I don't know

    I don't think it represents the whole album, probably just Invitation, Just Luv Me and maybe Mood Ring, but when we have so many different songs like DYWCO, Better, Liar, CYM, What You Need, Clumsy, how does one choose Make Me... over them? And I really want to make it clear, I do love MM, and I think it was so unexpected from Britney, but I'll always believe it should've been just the second single. Or maybe yes, let it be the lead single, if that's the new direction they want her to follow with this era, moody, viby songs, a soft sound and image, fine. But my point was that they were treating MM, for some reason, as if it was a club banger that came here to conquer the radio, and YT, G-Eazy with his comments and Britney thinking  MM needed a heavy choreography while a song like Alien, which had a faster beat, was performed sitting on a chair. I mean, even Criminal which is super fast in comparison was treated as a ballad, but MM was treated, or they believed it was some kind of Toxic 2.0 or something, and that's what I don't understand.

    Or fine, release your MM video as the lead single. Ok. But how on Earth did they think Slumber Party was the perfect follow up? If MM didn't have the impact they wanted or expected, they should've tried with something completely different, not another slow song.

    And it's like, FINE, you wanted another slow song because that's the kind of concept you want from the era? That would've been awesome and I would've been totally ok if the third single was Invitation, and then Mood Ring, Man on the Moon, Just Like Me, etc if that's what she wanted to show this era. But stick to that concept instead of releasing two slow songs in a row pretending I don't know what kind of response from the audience, and scrapping everything else after it flops hard, because that's exactly the opposite of what GP might want to hear from Britney, if they even want to hear something from her.

    Hey buddy, don't get mad at me, I'm not her team, haha. I agree with this though, Slumber Party shouldn´t had been the 2nd single. DYWCO was the perfect follow up IMO, classic Britney vocals with a huge production, but it should had been treated like a sassy song, not a "fun" song (I hate the performance). 

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  5. 8 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

    I seriously don't know what were they expecting with a song like Make Me...

    It is a beautiful song, and something completely different for Britney, but it wasn't like THE single, even less what her career needed at the time, or at least to start off the era.

    It would've been nice as a transitory second single between the lead single, which should've been a real smash, and a third single to follow up the hype.

    Go off in the club? :rude2me: and then Britney doing that super energetic choreo for it as if it was the Circus breakdown. Sometimes I feel like I've been listening to a completely different song. It is sad how they ruined it with the way they handled it. Yes, I know what everybody thinks about the original video and how it didn't make any sense. But the official video doesn't have anything to do with the song either. The VMA's didn't help at all, and even less throwing that Me, Myself and I as the highlight of the performance. Even if it was managed properly, and got the classy, visually pleasant video and performances it deserved, I still believe it wasn't the right choice for the lead single.

    I kinda disagree. 

    I believe Make Me was the perfect choice as the lead single. It sums up the record as a whole perfectly, the smooth sounds, the mid-tempo rythmn, the raw vocals, it's the perfect example of what you're going to listen on the album. Yes, they fucked up with the music video and performances, but the song was the best choice as the lead single. 

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