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  1. Work Bitch


    Break The Ice/Piece of Me


    Hold It Against Me

    Me Against The Music

    Gimme More

    Do You Wanna Come Over?


    Scream And Shout/Boys


    Change Your Mind


    Slave 4 U


    Breathe On Me/Touch of my Hand

    Make Me

    Slumber Party



    If U Seek Amy

    Lucky (MUST be live)





    Till The World Ends 


    So, just one new song (HIAM) and bring back Lucky but should be sang totally live. Then change the order on some songs but the performances, and new remixes for BOMT and Oops. That would be my dream setlist for the final leg of the show.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Silhouette said:

    Why is her perfumer career always better managed than her singing career, like, the commercials are always so appealing and she always looks so hot and full of attitude (we shall never forget how the commercial of her last perfume was 1000 times better than the MV of the lead single of her album). Imagine if this was a teaser for a new song and if she had this type of styling for the tour, it'd be so easy for them to do things right but they don't :wontcry:

    Anyway, I sounded a little too negative but I really am hyped for this, she looks on point :cutebrit:

    it's not always better tbh.


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  3. Well, that's basically POM reworked. I would go with something totally different. Maybe something like this:


    BRITNEY: One More Time - The New Residency.


    1. Hold It Against Me

    2. My Prerogative

    3. Stronger

    4. Work Bitch


    5. Criminal

    6. Just Like Me

    7. Lonely

    8. Liar


    9. Gimme More

    10. Slave 4 U/Get Naked (Medley)

    11. I've Got That Boom Boom

    12. Showdown

    13. Freakshow


    14. Oops! I Did It Again

    15. (You Drive Me) Crazy

    16. Circus

    17. If U Seek Amy


    18. Everytime

    19. Man On The Moon

    20. Make Me


    21. Womanizer

    22. Piece of Me

    23. Toxic

    24. Till The World Ends



    25. Baby One More Time

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