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  1. I always thought about this and I’m sure it’s her way to get him to be hypnotized and bend to her will.
  2. I feel like she should just continue just making albums for the art of it and not worry about sales. She is already a bonafide legend
  3. I appreciate this new one more that at least she took a chance and be more experimental and “weird” than to play it safe and look like a Nark with her constant trying to appeal to the young crowd. Rebel Heart has some good tracks but most felt like filler (I consider it her Britney Jean tbh though Hard Candy and MDNA are bad albums too) I’m concerned that she lost her touch or lost her way somehow. Maybe with her next one she will get it right.
  4. I can never forgive her for destroying Devil Pray. The original demo version was perfect.
  5. I would have thought you would be the one to start this topic
  6. That’s why I liked private show but I wished it had a stronger coffee note.
  7. Lol that’s me too. I never get tired of MM. there is something about it. What’s funny is yesterday I was watching the mv for Good for you and at the time I thought it was ground breaking but now I see it as just a basic bop.
  8. I own both albums but I don’t get that vibe at all. I liked Rival initially but it’s boring as hell. I still listen to Glory, although I had a small time period where I was sick of the album ( though I still play a few tracks on my phone) but one day I popped it back in my car stereo and forgotten how great it was. You probably just need a break.
  9. The fact they depicted her exactly how we think of her is golden
  10. So is that what she’s having her slaves do? No wonder her employees say they are overworked!
  11. Sorry for the delayed response but yeah I don’t know much about it but I saw an interview he did looking back at doing the music video and he said that he didn’t want to be in it or something and that his demand was that if Britney can participate in his documentary, he would do it ( probably because she’s a high profile star and it will bring attention to it) I always felt like she never had a problem talking about personal stuff but it’s more her team afraid how it’s gonna affect her “image”
  12. Not to mention she agreed to do an interview for that Adrian guy’s (Drive me crazy movie) documentary (I think the subject was about fathers?) but she let out a lot of stuff apparently. It was cut I think but he said it’s that n the bonus features. Also, I think that’s where her performing and charm stems from. She probably tried to entertain or cheer up her mom so she wouldn’t stop crying. She is a pleaser and is probably why she gets taken advantage a lot.
  13. No wonder it got scrapped. She said too much.
  14. Interesting, I haven’t followed her lately but was into her back in the days. I have a feeling she didn’t care much about the song and that it’s probably more the label choosing it cuz it’s very commercial and radio friendly. It just seems that way based on what you’re saying. Maybe she felt it’s so Sheryl Crow like?
  15. I remember when she went on TRL to debut the video she talked about the song and finished off saying that the studio version is alright but said that it’s even better live. Don’t know if I’m thinking way too much into it and maybe it’s just her trying to entice people to see her tour but sounds like she wasn’t really satisfied with the finished song hence why she said to hear it live instead because she can sing it the way she wants or add to etc she seems like a true musician kind of thing and not liking the commercial aspect of it cuz that’s like around the time she was like established and well known after many hits.
  16. Breathe is pretty good too, most of her music is good for a nice car ride. Although now I associate her music to shopping because it’s always playing when I go to Ross, TJ Max, CVS, or groceries
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