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  1. I wonder does she still have the Marilyn Monroe jeans Mr. Hilfiger himself gifted to her.
  2. I’m sure they don’t like her talking about it but it was needed to get the GP to sympathize with her and feel sorry for her instead of hating her. I mean she was in tears and talking about how sad it is so it would get people to go “aw” great PR Move
  3. Dude, Britney is like a Phoenix. Doesnt matter what, she always rises from the ashes. I mean no one can’t recover from what she did during her dark days ( I mean look at Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan)
  4. Nothing satisfies me more than to see him as a bum on the streets. Go star in a porno already while you still have an ounce of dignity. Work that big d!ck that just won’t quit.
  5. puppylo16

    news JLo Broke Britney's Record

    Yeah I feel the same. I don’t know there’s something about Britney that makes her standout, she just has that it factory.
  6. puppylo16

    music Britney Spears Videos Sample 60fps

    You get to see prime Britney in all her glory and appreciate every single cell of flawlessness that is rare nowadays.
  7. You gotta admit, he was pretty hot back then. Like that ghetto rugged gangster wannabe kind of way.
  8. In the zone, I mean the album would look gorgeous in vinyl format.
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    other New unedited pic by Randee st lightninglas

    Wow Randee does suck at photography. All that editing to cover up her mistakes.
  10. https://hollywoodlife.com/2018/09/12/wendy-williams-slams-chris-brown-ex-nia-guzman/amp/ And yeah, Kfed shouldn’t be whining about money when Chris Brown pays 9,000 In child support and he even says that increasing the money make his kid spoiled. More of a father than you