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Everything posted by puppylo16

  1. That’s why it takes a year, throughout the year, they are adjusting the screws as bones start filling in, that’s why you’ll be wheel chair bound as it will be like learning to walk all over again. That’s why it’s super expensive as it’s gonna be a full time thing as you’ll be visiting the doctors frequently and lots of physical therapy. I mean unless your job requires you to be a certain height...it just seems like an unnecessary struggle and all that money and time could be utilized in something better. Like a Britney concert
  2. Literally a needle everyone thinks I’m malnourished despite my large appetite.
  3. I know the guy was an academy award animator. Like very well respected so I guess that’s why he’s able to get away with such a weird concept.
  4. Yeah I was shocked to but my short friend was obsessed with it that he described it to me in detail. They are literally breaking your legs and using screws to keep them in place while your body tries to heal the broken places thus adding more bone marrow. It’s such a complicated process and constant rehabilitation. He tells me it’s only a year of suffering but like...I think lifts are way cheaper and less painful method
  5. Stop laughing Roxy it’s a legit question and concern
  6. Oh ok, that makes a lot of sense Exactly what I thought about the video. I do know it was made months before it’s release when the label found out Geri quit. That was their quick fix was to make a animated video The fairies are semi cute...I don’t know if they want to play with me or scratch my eyes out ya know?
  7. I can appreciate it's artsy fartsy thing they arel going with but the whole thing is so bizarre. I mean that kid keeps turning the cube but I'm like, you're friend went in there, what if he's crushed? I'm sure it's supposed to symbolize dealing with loss and figuring it out or loss of innocence
  8. Even before that, she wasn't dirt poor. Her dad was pretty wealthy and she even talked about it early in her career. I love her but it's true, she always plays that up.
  9. Aside from them being creepy, I always wondered did they basically kidnapped a boy?
  10. Omg no wonder Tinashe took down her post. No wonder Britney is so cautious around them. Looks like she needs outside forces.
  11. she was doing fine in rehearsals and that’s when supposedly she’s not taking medication. Why is it when she’s on medication she’s worst than when she’s not. You can see the frustration in her face sometimes when she’s struggling to get the right steps. I mean early in the cship her team was stating this was only to protect her from evil people like Sam Lufti but over the years it’s turned into “she’s is still struggling with her illness” and what is that? Dementia? She still knows she’s Britney Spears the popstar. She still knows her hits, she can speak coherently, she made an album, that’s far from having “dementia” or whatever illness they come up with. Their stories are always inconsistent and the fact Lou Taylor bought up all domains relating to conservatorship is enough proof that it’s not for Britney’s best interest
  12. I've been getting into podcast more lately but I watch Rob Gavagan when on youtube.
  13. It's expensive and a long painful process You'll be wheel chair bound for a year. I had a short friend who was obsessed with getting it thinking it would change his life but what he doesn't realize is no one cares about his height, base on what he told me, I told him that is it really that worth it? sure you are taller by only so little but are thousands of dollars in debt, a whole year of suffering for something most people hardly even notice.
  14. dramatic much? she hardly gives a damn, it's her team that have a problem with it. Don't tell me you think that dancing is acceptable. Everyone knows she's just doing this to loosen her body and to be in sync with her body again. Hence why I said what I said. Stop making her like some fragile porcelain doll because what her team has done to her is far worst.
  15. I mean I never thought he was short, I mean I'm not that tall either but the gifs of him were cute lol
  16. So I guess it will take 1,000 more videos until she can get her groove back?
  17. I remember in the past exhalers from eons ago would pick on how short you were
  18. I'm 5, 7 and skinny as a needle
  19. Well obviously they have to go with dementia as that's a very easy one to pull off. Just fill her up with a cocktail of medications, put her on a busy schedule to further make her appear she's out of it when she really is just overworked and having medications working against her. That's why Jamie is so adamant on her taking her medication even though she refused. Look how effortless she dances in the rehearsals compared to going on stage, she looks disoriented and forgetful, it's definitely not her if she's able to do the steps in rehearsals
  20. Is it because they got that something? what can you do?
  21. I remember watching this as a child and being creeped out by it believing there were actually big people in this world
  22. I have a lot and Britney has too many that makes me want to dance but this track is one that makes me feel like grooving. I play this on my early morning commute to energize myself
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