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  1. Been a fan since day one, I mean despite her slaying during her prime years and being on top, it was always hard to be a fan as I was always teased and always have to hide my love for her so nothing bothers me whether the GP likes her or not or she gets hated on cuz it was always that way. 

    Anyways, I say it’s worth it, she’s practically like family to me now, kinda like that auntie that gets on your nerves but deep down you still love her no matter what she does. There is something about her that draws people in and not to sound corny but she somehow gives off this positive energy that makes you feel good. I mean not many popstars can walk on stage and get a standing ovation from just flashing a big smile. She just has that it factor.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Passengerney said:


    - There are people around her that want to see her fall again. Britney has been wanting to get rid of these people for years, but she knows that her life will be in danger if she tries to do that.

    - She sees her in court in the future, but doesn't know for what specifically.


    I hope she means Lou Taylor and Robin, hella shady looking women especially Lou and her shady dealings in the past. She’s the reason Britney is in a conservatorship and it was her idea. 

  3. Wow that makes a lot of sense and makes me appreciate the performance more, not that I ever hated it but not it feels a little less cheesy. 

    I mean for the 07 vma she did started off with an Elvis song, so it’s a definite reference.

    And about the oops performance, I always thought it was inspired by this slayage of a performance from Janet:

    how both started off with a slow song and then bust out in a full fierce choreography for the second half.

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  4. On 7/18/2018 at 2:09 PM, MTL899 said:

    Even after 2 years of them dating, I still don’t know how I feel about Sam. He seems like a nice guy but anyone can come off as a nice guy in a magazine if they really want to.

    I sincerely hope he isn’t using her but no one can deny that he is the one that benefits from this relationship. He probably has opportunities that he wouldn’t have had if he wasn’t dating Brit.

    i know Britney has said multiple times now that she doesn’t want to get married again but if she’s in love and he asks, who knows what’ll happen...

    That’s what I’m thinking, I mean men’s health is a big deal, they don’t just let anyone be on the magazine. I still feel there’s something shady about him. Not saying he’s like a Kfed (or maybe he is) but I highly doubt it was love at first sight for him. 

  5. 1 hour ago, BritneyRebellion said:

    Her team AND Britney are so lazy! she should demand a new photoshoot but she CBA.. too busy recording her new album :tiffanynod: 



    Well in her defelse, she can’t do anything. She’s under a conservatorship so her demands can be overwrited by her team if it’s not cost effective. 

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  6. 8 hours ago, strunkbrandon said:

    I bought it and to me, at first it smells a little more feminine, its super sweet at the beginning but then when it starts to dry it smells more masculine, you can smell the amber wood.. it smells expensive tbh. I can’t wait to get the 3.3oz! Also to every one saying they don’t wanna smell like a woman.... lol at stereotypes. 

    Wow thank you! This gives me hope. It’s been frustrating with everyone giving vague one worded reviews. For me it’s not about not wanting to smell like a woman but not wanting to smell like a dessert. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, It'sJodieeB!tch said:

    Cos she is probably only advertising the stuff she has control over. It was stated Britney was going to be heavy in the production process, so most of the idea's were of her own. I also think alot of these "Catwalks" we see on insta is of her clothing range. We know how sly britney is when it comes to keeping things secret. People should realize now nothings announced openly in one go with her :haha:

    :blol:  but so sad that it’s very true :wontcry:

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  8. 6 hours ago, LionHeart said:

    she looks so hot and bad bitch on the teaser video but it didn't work for the promo poster, she is photoshopped af again.


    I bet it’s cuz Randee took the photo. She never brings out the vixen in Britney. I mean this photo and pose looks like all the perfume adverts she has done. Stiff and very posed. Plus the overexposure, why couldn’t they stick with the cool tinted lighting of the teasers...one word...Randee.

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  9. 3 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

    She said about Glory that it was gonna be everything their fans wanted to, and that it was gonna be considered one of her best albums, but due to the lack of commercial success, Britney was gonna feel very disappointed and wasn't going to feel like she did a good job. 

    I mean was she wrong though? Glory as an album was perfection. Not to mention she has personally met Britney and done face to face readings with her. 

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  10. 24 minutes ago, iZacaree said:

    As a die-hard, lifelong Britney fan, my expectations are so low at this point that I’m not even disappointed that there was no “big announcement” or new music. My last big meltdown was in 2016 with the Make Me music video mess, and after that I’ve just been way too traumatized to get my hopes up with Britney anymore.


    Also.... did anyone notice that she doesn’t even know how old her kids are? They’re 11 and 12, and she said they were “teenagers” and that they were 11 and 13.... I’m concerned. 


    I don’t think you should think too much into it, my parents forget how old I am and I have to keep reminding them. Heck I forget how old my siblings are yet they know mines. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Rico. said:

    Not a waste of money when she earns more through her fragrances than she does through her music tbh


    Guys do not get your hopes up

    Also if she is releasing a new song, you know you'll be mad 'cause she'll be touring and not promoting so let's just wait for the right time

    I’m always the one that doesn’t give a sh!t if she does promo or not as long as she releases good material, I mean the only meltdown I had for the Glory era was that god awful make me video.

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