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  1. Yeah from what I heard (even if they were rumors) it seems she does it during parties and social gatherings. I heard her and William Orbit sneaked out of a party to a shed in the backyard to smoke.
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    other Will you call me when you're older?

    On a lighter note, I thought it was very sweet of her to come to help celebrate that girls party and she actually participated rather than just act like a glorified celebrity just showing up.
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    music Theory: Her Only Chance At Another Hit Is MOWTY

    For real, I’m not saying it would top Mariah (cuz let’s face it nothing can, that woman can retire and just live off her royalties from just that one song) but everywhere I go that song is constantly played. It is a classic.
  4. Lance Bass is starting to be really more embrassing than Britney. Things like these scream desperation.
  5. And this is why I can’t take you seriously.
  6. I have to give you one thing, you have a knack for twisting everything so it fits your agenda. Already seen it in other threads so ok you be you.
  7. Uh...that’s a broad term so it could also mean popstars too. She said they got to where they are today from hating on her, so do you think they would change their tune now? You act like the whole industry loves her now. There was never a peak time of Britney haters, she always had haters, Britney is the type whether you love her or hate her. So I don’t know what you trying to prove. I was trying to be nice and I added that last line because after posting, I saw you down voted me which was uncalled for from the start so who’s the one who’s being the meanie here. And I wasn’t even replying to you, you are the one that came at me with the snarky comment so what do you expect in return? Treat people as how you want to be treated.
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    exhale Is Britney Alienating us?

    Exactly which is why I completely understand her situation. It is a scary thing to face your demons and maybe it’s the way they approach it is what’s intimidating her. I don’t know, obviously we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes besides it’s obvious she has unresolved issues. Maybe it’s because she’s forced to do it and it’s not on her own terms? I know I’m not a psychologist so I should be one to talk but I’m 30 now and I realized that growing up, I kinda just ignored the signs and just shrugged it off because (especially in with men where we’re taught not to show our feelings) so I didn’t realize I was harboring a lot of baggage. So now thanks to weed I’m able to allow my body to relax and I do yoga to stretch out my tense muscles and try to fix my posture. Occasionally I would have tears streaming down my face and I realize it’s because I trained myself unconsciously to not cry and now I’m making up for it haha. Not saying she should do what I do but if I ever met her and somehow I can, I would highly recommend cannabis to her and maybe she can get her groove back cuz I didn’t realize I can sway my hips so fluidly when I’m high LOL
  9. Gosh I don’t know where it came from...oh wait I think Zoe Saldana. Here’s what she said: And btw, thanks for downvoting me asshole.
  10. She said a lot of them are flakers. Like they say they would love to but when it comes time to actually doing it, they back out. It’s pretty common with creative people, even I deal with it but then again I do the same thing so I’m one to talk. Like my friend who is a musician always talked about wanting to work with me (I am a videographer) and every time we bump to each other we are always like “dude we gotta work together, let’s make a music video man!” And I’m like hell yeah! Hit me up when you are available! He never did or even when I reach out to set up a meeting, it’s always cancelled at the last minute. I get that with models too. I’m sure they mean well cuz my friend is a good guy and he does genuinely mean it and we joke all the time that we keep saying the same thing and feel bad that we don’t actually like do it and wasting each other’s time. Of course I think there are some that do have big egos, so that’s the case too. I heard from someone in the industry said that it’s popular to hate on Britney and people do it to “fit” in the “it” crowd.
  11. She graduated from butt wipes to scratching her butt. Gotta maintain that ass Britney.
  12. Lol I wouldn’t put it past them. I got the info from a Larry interview, I think the question was if she was planning on touring or taking it on the road and he said that they would love to but their contract had limits and they are not allowed to perform the show anywhere besides Vegas (makes sense since PH wants exclusivity) but I think that was for the first run (again makes sense) I don’t know for the revamp if the contract loosen up and hence why she was able to do a tour. Whatever, POM is done and looking forward to either tears of sadness or tears of joy for domination lol
  13. I think they intentionally did a mini POM show to promote POM to get more people to see the show since even the video intro mentions it so thats probably the agreement? And wasn’t she under some contract where she couldnt perform the show in the US unless it’s in Vegas? or am I just beating a dead horse and it’s a “duh” moment that I didn’t need to bring up?
  14. I won’t give you a hard time, everyone is allowed their own opinions just like how I am okay with the Glory cover, it’s not her best nor it’s her worst, it’s just okay which I don’t think is befitting for a stellar album but I’m not losing my sh!t over it (although the original make me video, that gets to me) sorry for rambling, I dont know why everyone is egging on you, you are just being honest. You guys we need to respect each other’s opinions and not act like Trump just because someone doesn’t share the same opinion.
  15. Oh cuz you said she might’ve been high but I’m saying she probably didn’t since her grandpa is with her. I don’t think she would do that around family. (With the exception of her siblings)
  16. puppylo16

    exhale Is Britney Alienating us?

    Yeah I agree on that, she means well. I think she has a lot of unresolved issues that they didn’t bother to take care of and probably just hook her up on a lot of drugs to keep her going. I mean she didn’t even have a full year to recover yet they threw her into recording circus and going on tour. So those issues manifest into something else. The reason I say this because I have suffered from anxiety like extreme anxiety and depression and I didn’t realize that it’s why I have scoliosis. It took a lot of reflection and analyzing myself to get halfway better so looking at her case, it doesn’t seem like she had the time, either they keep her busy, send her on vacation or she’s busy being a mom. It just seems like their logic is “oh she’s walking and talking so she’s back to normal.” I think that’s why she was mad at Larry back then when they told her to go to rehab so she can just recover quickly and get back to work like all the celebs do. I really do believe that’s the case. Didn’t she muttered daddy issues during the Mario Lopez interview?
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    other Britney-Funko OUT

    Me too!
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    exhale Is Britney Alienating us?

    I have to disagree, she got down and dirty for the original make me video ( and no, I don’t believe she axed it because it was too explicit. She must have been under hypnosis or something while shooting if that were the case) she’s an artist and is willing to play out a character and in the end it’s just a character, not really her. She even said that her boys understand that it’s just a job. I think it’s still in her but she is being cautious and just playing it safe for the c-ship.
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    exhale Is Britney Alienating us?

    Thanks Larry for clarifying
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    That song got enough support, how about utilizing that energy for true flops like Glory that deserves more than it got.
  21. Nah cuz remember she had her grandpa with her that time and they got to meet Aretha Franklin, I think even in the same room at least it looked like it. I thought it was such a sweet moment and what a lucky bitch to got to meet the queen of soul.
  22. It’s a cell that just wouldn’t flake off but the more you keep scratching the more it’s still there.
  23. Omg stop giving Larry ideas, you know he’ll jump at any collabs!
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    tour Meaning behind "Domination" (What do u think)

    Omg North Africa deserves more than that she’s probably gonna come out in a bedazzled moomoo.