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  1. https://hollywoodlife.com/2018/09/12/wendy-williams-slams-chris-brown-ex-nia-guzman/amp/ And yeah, Kfed shouldn’t be whining about money when Chris Brown pays 9,000 In child support and he even says that increasing the money make his kid spoiled. More of a father than you
  2. puppylo16

    exhale Prerogative Perfume Commercial

    Ghee I was hoping to see more S&M action
  3. puppylo16

    other Gold digger

    I’m sorry but did you even know of him in the first place? When people think of Sam Asghari, they think of him being Britney’s boyfriend. He’s basically Kim Khardasian.
  4. puppylo16

    other Gold digger

    Yeah it would be respectful if he wasn’t using Britney to get ahead in life. Do you think anyone would have known who he was before he dated her? No. His claim to fame is being Britney’s boyfriend.
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    exhale Britney misheard lyrics

    I would pay a lot to see her do a routine to motivate Jayden!
  6. So you deleted everything I said and twisted my words to be about something else. Sometimes it’s not always about the money and Janet hasn’t had a hit in years even if she promoted so how is she different? I said that some producers would accept the opportunity to be able to work with a legend. And you completely glazed over my story of the ff songwriter saying she would hand her song over to Britney any day because Britney doesn’t demand credit.
  7. She’s still a producer’s dream. It’s just like if it were Janet, how can you not pass up the opportunity to say you worked with them. And on top of that she doesn’t steal credits and remains humble so that earns lots of street cred. Just like that songwriter wrote on her blog about singers taking writing credits and she even said that if she had a choice, she would hand her song to Britney because Britney doesn’t demand credits or takes credit when she contribute. Sometimes it’s not all about making money and success.
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    exhale Britney misheard lyrics

    My was always “work it hard like your brother Sean”
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    poll Do you like 'Make Me Oooh'

    It’s a masterpiece.
  10. Thanks! I’m thinking of changing it and making a new one but so far have no ideas.
  11. Well Glory was perfection, it’s just the marketing. Britney served the music, her team served sh!t. Does she have any marketing people or are they called “Larry” and “Robin”?
  12. 50 shades is still a better movie than that.
  13. I always knew these two are the culprits for everything that’s happening. Yeah I know it’s Britney’s fault too but her and her team has been with her since day 1 and these women came in later and all they care about is making money which is why everything is so messed up. Everything is cheap and unprofessional because they aren’t industry professionals. They are con women!