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  1. Larry can talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk. Never holds up to his promises.
  2. Yeah but weed comes in a wide variety there’s sativa which makes you more “awake” and indica is more relaxing and there’s many different levels. It’s no different than her taking chemical medication as we can see in the past the side effects, especiallly the ff era
  3. I wouldn’t want her to try anything other than weed and I have extreme anxiety yet weed was able to loosen me up and heck I even seem to move and groove better lol so yes to marijuana! ( plus it’s legal in Cali so no prob for her to get it )
  4. But look what happened with the end result, Kfed got even more than he asked for so I don’t see that as a victory.
  5. Omg guys, she’s basicallly a slave (no pun intended) no wonder she comes off as not caring or lazy, the passion is gone when you feel like a dancing monkey.
  6. The announcement was a huge let down.
  7. Wow is the snarky attitude necessary? No wonder people here become bitches. Also other artists aren’t in a conservatorship so how can we compare their situation with her?If she really didn’t want to be there she wouldn’t be pen in hand and looking ready to sign, she even looked back as the guy guided her away. That’s the main point I was trying to make that it’s not always about her kids, she does care about the fans to a certain degree, why does it gotta be black or white with you guys?
  8. puppylo16

    other Was Patrick ford on xfactor real?

    Nah, I rather her do a residency than that. It just made her look even more washed up like she couldn’t have a music career so she has to be a judge...cough...nicole...cough.
  9. You forget she’s in a conservatorship, she can’t make that decision without her teams okay so even if she demanded to stay they won’t let her. Didn’t you see how she was pushed around.
  10. Yeah these kinds of stuff makes them and Britney unprofessional so like in the future what affiliates would want to work with them? God her team and Britney needs to just disappear and come back when they are ready.
  11. I don’t know how team Britney is not embarrassed by this. The fact that the headline points at her team directly is beyond embarrassing especially for a star her caliber. They could’ve handed a mic to her and judging by the photos, she looked like she wanted to sign autographs yet she’s being ushered into a car like wtf team Britney? You guys basically do treat her like a caged circus performer. it just makes me mad because the writer makes her look like a bitch describing how she passed by her fans who waited so long to see her. She always gets blamed for her teams mistakes or actions.
  12. Well at least the graphic looks good
  13. He really does that, I always see him literally yank her away and dragging her to the next spot. It sucks cuz I can see in her eyes she really wants to new the fans and sign stuff. Her team is terrible.
  14. puppylo16

    socialney Britney Teases New Vegas Residency!

    Omg what kind of fan am I? Where have I been? Is it real that Randee is out of our lives?
  15. Why does it sound like she is just changing the choreography? It’s starting to look like another POM rehash. I hope I am wrong. Why they aren’t saying anything about it being a brand new show?
  16. puppylo16

    socialney Britney Teases New Vegas Residency!

    Let me guess, and a basic picture from Randee? The font looks cool but I’m afraid they would make it look cheesy in the overall ad. I’m not trying to get my hopes up.
  17. Thank you! It was like the weight lifting off my shoulders. I do take meds too and it seemed that combination help me out a lot. I hope she finds something to get her groove back, maybe it’s already starting?
  18. I have really bad anxiety to the point I didn’t realize how stiff my body was. I got high with some friends and noticed how my muscles relaxed and a lot loose (obviously) not saying she should but a little bit of cannabis would help. I know she looks down on that (or does she? We know she smoked with Kfed) i think it’ll help her relax as I’m coming back to my old personality and walking straighter.
  19. It’s probably gonna go back to Kfat. Dude probably spent all the money by then and would want another increase
  20. That’s true, I forgot Gaga just tweeted it but Britney is going all out.
  21. puppylo16

    video This is worse than 2007 VMAs

    It’s such a waste cuz that outfit was bomb!
  22. I remember she wrote a blog about it and that she was angry her team and family suggest rehab to her and it offended her that it was a lazy idea rather than really knowing her and what she really needed. its hard to tell since we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, maybe it wasn’t the right kind of rehab as She still seems bothered by something. I suffer from depression and anxiety and it’s hard battle.
  23. puppylo16

    other Britney’s perfumes

    Oh ok. Got it. I was hoping that was Larry and that maybe there’s a method to his madness but no, her entire team is just sh!t.