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  1. I wish we could see a professional image of the first one. That is poster worthy, she looks amazing and that outfit. Ugh pisses me off why she didn’t wear these outfits for the tour.
  2. I mean it’s just slightly embarrassing that it’s not the bratz people covered Britney but the other way around. It’s a good song but then again, they have access to many good ones. I mean Quicksand should’ve been there. Larry keeps thinking Britney is this teenager.
  3. He was listed as Co executive producer on the circus album and because of that we got a song from a bratz soundtrack So if it weren’t for Theresa Whites, Circus would probably be a Katy Perry album.
  4. You can be nice but still be authoritative, you can see she was. You can see here @3:27 she was being assertive (even if the whole thing was joking around) Christina was bitch and look where that ended up and she was the talented one that everyone thought would steam roll Britney. Her issue is trusting people. She was an open person and assumed everyone was like her and have good intentions because she does.
  5. The only ones not giving her space is her team and their soap opera antics. Her interviews are pre screened, pre approved and edited to her teams liking. The fans haven’t really done that much damage compared to them. Especially since they have been riding on the mental health train lately despite occasionally saying “she’s fine! She’ll be back to work!”
  6. I always thought about this and I’m sure it’s her way to get him to be hypnotized and bend to her will.
  7. I feel like she should just continue just making albums for the art of it and not worry about sales. She is already a bonafide legend
  8. I appreciate this new one more that at least she took a chance and be more experimental and “weird” than to play it safe and look like a Nark with her constant trying to appeal to the young crowd. Rebel Heart has some good tracks but most felt like filler (I consider it her Britney Jean tbh though Hard Candy and MDNA are bad albums too) I’m concerned that she lost her touch or lost her way somehow. Maybe with her next one she will get it right.
  9. I can never forgive her for destroying Devil Pray. The original demo version was perfect.
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