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  1. Right? I’m the same way, I will always be an iPhone user cuz I’m used to it’s system. I got an android once and for a week I kept getting confused with the functions. Honestly I really don’t care if she’s android or apple user ( she’s had a Samsung before) the more important thing about this is that she’s a 35 year old woman that can’t even have a smart phone when kids a quarter of her age have one (isn’t she legally a child?) they make her look like she’s either retarded and would just bash the phone to turn it on or that they don’t want her doing things behind their backs because they want to keep 24/7 watch on her all times.
  2. She’s been looking really good lately and her hair is amazing! I really hope she’s taking care of herself and it’s not just her team trying to prep her for a new era.
  3. You did put her through 17+ years of torture (On a side note, we all knew Lou couldn’t do the ice bucket challenge cuz she would just melt away )
  4. Yeah but it sounds exactly what Larry would say though just like in that ABC special when he and Brit are in the car and he was raving how the duet with Madonna will help with the numbers and all that sh!t yet Britney was like it’s not about the sales, it’s about being cool. Not to mention he’s Jewish so thinking about money is in his blood.
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