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  1. Well obviously they have to go with dementia as that's a very easy one to pull off. Just fill her up with a cocktail of medications, put her on a busy schedule to further make her appear she's out of it when she really is just overworked and having medications working against her. That's why Jamie is so adamant on her taking her medication even though she refused. Look how effortless she dances in the rehearsals compared to going on stage, she looks disoriented and forgetful, it's definitely not her if she's able to do the steps in rehearsals
  2. Is it because they got that something? what can you do?
  3. I remember watching this as a child and being creeped out by it believing there were actually big people in this world
  4. I have a lot and Britney has too many that makes me want to dance but this track is one that makes me feel like grooving. I play this on my early morning commute to energize myself
  5. See this is how we fight back. None of that boycotting stuff, spreading her story makes a bigger impact and the more woke people are, the less power her team has.
  6. Cute is not the first thing I would have thought but thanks
  7. I didn’t heard it was on tour but I heard definitely when she was in Vegas, she used ask the room service people for flowers and she would arrange them herself. Some felt bad when they told her she wasn’t allowed but would buy flowers out of their pocket for her as it made her happy. They said even if they were Safeway flowers, she was very appreciative of it. Why is the world so cruel to this woman?
  8. I guess I just didn’t realize how pretentious art people can be, I think I’m mad at myself most at how naive I was. Everyone wanted oscars but my goal was to direct a Britney Spears music video when asked about my favorite film I replied “I think Bring it on is funny” to disgusted stares because everyone else had some film I can’t even pronounce or a Tarantino film. Took a lot to shake it off and just embrace me and not compare myself.
  9. so it's official...he's facing the Justin curse...look at Timberlake
  10. I have it and honestly this is a better design and I hate that the print is so thick that after a few washings the shirt is soft but not the decal and it's semi gloss so it feels weird...least favorite tshirt in my britney shirt collection.
  11. This was on heavy rotation while I was in art school and it made me question myself when talking to other students and made me question if I should even be in this field and kinda question everything about my life ya know? Honestly...I still feel like this sometimes
  12. Is it wrong of me to commend your Ex for his creativity?
  13. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!! This is actually what made me appreciate her vocal talents and how pretty her voice really is.
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