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  1. puppylo16

    music So who's rooting for EDMney ?

    Yeah but Britney can rap, Taylor can’t. Britney is good at changing her voice to fit the song, I mean a lot of people thought it was a black girl singing BOMT until the video came out, I was one of them.
  2. puppylo16

    music So who's rooting for EDMney ?

    Britney does well in urban pop. She seems to vibe better with that kind of sound anyways.
  3. puppylo16

    exhale Jonathan Ross interview 2016

    I don’t remember how it lead to it, he was asking whether she can just up and take off to exotic places (cuz I think they were talking about her enjoying Thailand with her boys) and she said something along the lines of that she wish she could but considering her current restraints she doesn’t think it’s possible. Honestly it didn’t phase me, maybe cuz I know she’s in one but like she said it very casually and she didn’t look alarmed or like tapping Morse code. So I don’t know what team b are thinking. It’s like they are afraid people would think she’s crazy or make them look like the villain. Someone who went to the taping confirmed she said it too. They also got to keep her beading that scattered on the floor after her performance, lucky bitch. She said Jonathan was the one that scooped it up for her and handed it to her.
  4. puppylo16

    other Britney with pixie cut

    I don’t mind her having mid length hair and I think she performs better but it’s ugly when they they are all the same lenght like that. She looks good with shoulder length hair like the ends slightly cascading past her shoulders and a slight layering to give it texture so it looks good when she does her hair whips and not like a fuzz ball from far away
  5. puppylo16

    other Britney with pixie cut

    Is that why she keeps playing with her hair and all the weird ticks?
  6. The first outfit would look good if it was a two piece and the bottom are pants. Pants and a midriff top are the quintessential Britney look. (I think she’s trolling us again )
  7. For real, all I see Jlo and Beyoncé wear are leotards, it’s like you can only design one so much until it all starts to look the same.
  8. Finally got mines today! It is indeed cute like everyone said but didn’t realize how tiny it was. Love how detailed it is, for some reason I thought it would be the vinyl figures. Disappointed the lips are painted on, so that’s gonna rub off eventually. The shirt size definitely is a tight fit. I think women are okay with getting their true size but for the guys, definitely go up a size. I think I would return it for the medium size cuz the small fits kinda snug and with washing it might shrink...
  9. puppylo16

    exhale Epic Rights

  10. puppylo16

    exhale Jonathan Ross interview 2016

    I think it’s sooooo stupid like they are embarrassed or something. She made it very casual sounding because it is what is. Its as if they want people to ignore the fact she is in one. Her team is the worst and that’s why she can’t fully be herself and have to always look to the side for their approval because they do sh!t like that. Her comment wasn’t even that bad.
  11. You’re not the only one, I felt the same way! All my female cousins dig FTBOMBH but I was like meh.
  12. Hahaha I did the same, I remember I sat with my sister and we watched Making the video and when the video was about to premiere, we shut down the lights and it was epic! Felt like watching a blockbuster movie.
  13. Thank you! I was gonna say it seemed he/she didn’t read my post. She is as band wagoner as it gets.
  14. Guys I’m high and I decided to watch the making of the video of oops and it hit me when Nigel was talking about the concept “We are led to believe mars is empty but in actuality there’s life and she’s Britney” so it goes along with the songs everything is not what it seems idea. All these years I just thought the video was just random and it’s just a video about a guy meeting Britney on mars like wtf does mars has to do with the song. A lot of videos of that time were random like BSB’s Larger than life. And why do I suddenly find Nigel d!ck attractive? So yeah flop fan I know
  15. Well you’re obviously a Miley stan so it doesn’t matter what I say, you will still have your opinion