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  1. puppylo16

    other aesthetic ney

    My only requirement is not to bring back Randee, only she would f**k everything up. I would have been okay for a David lachappelle screen shot because he creates amazing imagery. Randee makes all her photos look like Britney is a valley girl and just stares into the lens and go “hi I’m Britney” figures since she photographed Paris
  2. Ugh I really don’t get his appeal, he’s so unfunny and his cutesy shy act is getting old. Don’t he see it makes his guest feel uncomfortable, sometimes I can see them reacting real time to his outburst. Well heard he always have to be drunk to work so maybe that’s it.
  3. puppylo16

    exhale Freaky Friday the Britney edition

    Hold on I’m gonna need to take a moment to realize I will be in Britney Spears body
  4. Larry is too busy going undercover as a teenager trying to find out what’s hot and on trend at the moment.
  5. Yeah I was pretty much thinking that hence why I asked, it was nice of them to do that, it’s not like some mass produced mugs with just the logo that can be handed out to just anybody. Was hoping she kept it since she seems to have random mugs like her “it’s mother f**king tea time” but yeah she probably left it at the hotel room. Hopefully it’s saved so it can be collected/displayed at the Britney museum. And yeah I don’t get why she opts for those kinds out of outfits and complains about being too sexy. I guess it make sense since she made a career being a walking contradiction.
  6. she did a great job, could definitely see her on more talk shows. Oh 2016ney!
  7. Can they be anymore hillbilly? Shes practically Daisy Duke
  8. It bothers me that the Beyoncé fans claim she is a better performer than Britney. We all know that’s a stretch, she may outshine in vocals and work ethics but Britney is a trained dancer and despite her performance skills not being the same as it was, her choreography is still more intricate, Beyoncé just puts in more energy. I even think Lady Gaga has a better voice than Beyoncé. It’s like they treat her like some superwoman and I’m sure was brainwashed to think so by the queen bee herself, she literally does have a beehive. I do respect her and her impact on the biz and I do like some of her songs but I really do think she’s overrated and it bugs me that she’s culturally accepted as someone who can’t do no wrong.
  9. puppylo16

    music The Underlying Darkness of "Femme Fatale"

    Yeah I thought it was gonna be about what we our interpretation of the album or something but I highly doubt Britney is thinking that dark. Not to say she’s not an intelligent person but like you said it’s her definition of what a femme fatale is. She’s an actress and loves to play a character and if we want to go deep, I think she wanted to channel a badass because at a time in her life she didn’t feel like one, I mean that era kinda showed it. Something happened before the FF era started and it’s obvious she lost her confidence so she probably sought inspiration of the femme fatales of the cinema who seems to be smarter, have it all together and still look glamorous.
  10. puppylo16

    music The Underlying Darkness of "Femme Fatale"

    I don’t think she’s thinking that deep, she had wanted a mysterious dark type album hence why she chose Femme Fatale and since it is mostly associated with those film noirs, she wanted that dark vibe. I think it’s supposed to be more artsy fartsy and a concept album but like any Britney project, her initial ideas are always scrapped and her team takes over just like with Britney Jean. I mean she was probably imagining this But got this
  11. puppylo16

    other aesthetic ney

    She can, she just won’t have the patience for it sitting for hours in hair and make up.
  12. puppylo16

    news Miley confirmed for RuPaul's Drag Race

    I hate that I gave into the rumors. I’m so thirsty for anything Britney these days