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  1. I love the video!!!! She looks gorgeous. It might look simple but it works. Slay
  2. Those lollipops were so good, it’s such a shame they don’t sell them! Remembered they had a Buffy one too. Please bring this back!!!!
  3. Love the color! I was on the fence about getting it. I hope she comes out with more merch.
  4. I mean Bryan had a cat named Lou back in the day
  5. It’s the truth I know in the past you’ve been shady and even you TRIED to make it an entertainment thing you never abandoned your love for Britney. That was consistent over the years and most of us were here when Jamie sued you and it was not a fun experience even for us so can’t imagine what you had to go through. Either that or it’s just cuz we’re the same age
  6. Even I wouldn’t torture my make believe children with that garbage
  7. Because she was friends with people in the underground scene, how you think she got Vogue from? Like I said, she sounds an old woman being bitter. There are many ways to get to the top, she played her way, they did theirs, is she gonna clown on Britney for being a pushover? I’m just saying she’s coming off as “well back in my days we used to shovel our own dirt now ya kids buy it from the store”
  8. She has said before that they are becoming teenagers and are at that phase where mom is not cool anymore like they were as a child. I mean come we all been through that phase and Britney is aware of it. I think she has more **** to deal with so it's best she focuses on herself. I'm sure she and Kevin worked that out
  9. Ok I guess...how about more chromatica promo
  10. Personally I like the original cover better even though both are good. Hate remix albums but this looks promising!
  11. that's an exaggeration, she also had connections. She wouldn't just up and move without being prepared. She's coming off as an old fart, times are changing and the music industry has evolved over time just like it used to be that you NEEDED a record label to make it in the industry but now, anyone can.
  12. The layout of the app was just weird and was confusing but it would be great if he tried to develop one again.
  13. I think it’s just behind the scenes footage to keep the monsters at bay
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