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  1. Impossible this documentary was produced without any sorts of authorization from Britney's team. Impossible B's team were not aware of it in some way or another... It's definitely super interesting and falls at a very opportune time.
  2. I'll definitely check it out! Been following this for 13 years too, and every time, I'm more shocked and saddened how muzzled Britney has been about all of this. It's really somekind of hostage situation. It's crazy to think that one of the most famous person in the world, with one of the biggest platform, has been entirely muzzled up. @Jordan Miller
  3. Onh thanks! Icebergs is like my baby! It always resonated with me more than any other tracks I've written. It has this message of hope, that I think is so important to transmit. <3
  4. Hey thanks! I did co-produced it! I mainly worked on the violin/cello sections and also some synths here and there Omg thanks! Exactly what I was going for!!! Billie is shaking :p
  5. Hi all, I'm releasing my new single on February 5, 2021 on all streaming platforms! I hope you all like it. <3 You can pre-save the track here. Pre-saving the track can really help with the algorithm push on Spotify/Apple Music. You could litterally change my life just by clicking on the pre-save. So fingers crossed.
  6. I honestly thought I would only watch 5 minutes of the videos, and ended up watching them ALL! She really has suffered so much. I cannot.
  7. It's truly not complicated, using a proper pronoun but have a field day. Making mistakes is okay, no need to burn people at the stake. I don't see it as a privilege, but a courtesy.
  8. Shawn is a good reflection of what society understands of pronouns and gender. While I don't think his mistake was made willingly, he represents the vast majority of the population that does not understand gender and the importance of using the proper pronouns. There's a lot of work left to do for gay rights, transgender rights, and really, mostly, education.
  9. I don't think Nicki's artistry is particularly interesting. She has great verses and has interesting word play here and there, but she always falls back on being bootylicious. She is a great rapper, but artist, not sure about that.
  10. That's exactly how the industry works... Artists that write for others don't necessarily click with their songs.... It's all about branding and all, and I actually always thought that this track was quite off brand for Justin.
  11. I think he meant to say that music that is designed specifically for the charts is not real music, which I don't necessarily disagree with. Sometimes, it's devoid of any soul. It's a product rather than an actual song.
  12. Wow, that is very much what Britney's style should have evolved into! It's more precise and minimalistic, but oh-so-efficient!
  13. I think she's reclaiming the narrative of African cultures, by using the speeches of the Lion King. It's litterally taking back the storyline from white oppressors, saying this is my culture, so I'll tell you the story how it's really supposed to be. While I adore the visuals and think they are stunning and love the music too, I do think it's still a very americanized perspective of Africa. There seems to be a conflicting message; are we going back to motherland or Americanizing motherland? There's something off about it for me. I still think Beyoncé is way ahead any of her peers, simply because all of her peers are not investing half as much in their productions and artistry. It's a bit sad. One thing that bothers me, is that the movie is sold as Beyoncé's project, but they have more than 30 creatives working on this movie. It's a collective, not a Beyoncé movie.
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