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  1. Paloma always has a special place in my heart. this video is of my best friend and his sister and Paloma made that day SO special for them. Unfortunately my best friends sister died a couple of years after it, which is so sad!!
  2. I started writing this last night, I only have the chorus, will finish it today. ”I’m right here baby, why can’t you see me? I’m the one for you babe, broken and defeated. But when you’re all that I can see, that’s when I know I’m addicted to misery.
  3. The memes of this are so good!!! They’re literally all over insta and Facebook. These videos are getting more recognition than her last album and I’m living for it.
  4. Love it!!! I had such high hopes for High Road and it just flatlined for me. There’s a few gems on there, but overall it was just a very weak album. I think her plan was to release a major pop record and then release more country tinged music similar to Rainbow, but since High Road flopped it looks like she’s gonna have to DELIVER the pop record we were promised and be a main pop girl again.
  5. Her speaking voice is so annoying!!
  6. Has to be One Last Time.....can’t listen to that without thinking back to being at the One Love Manchester concert and crying my eyes out.
  7. 😂😂 I do see her as a star, I just don’t think she has what it takes to be a ‘madonna’. To me though, she’s my favourite along with Britney. im entitled to my wrong opinion 😏
  8. Honestly as much as I love Dua, I don’t see that ‘star’ in her. Before anyone comes for me as a Camila fan, I also don’t see that same quality in her either. The only person I think that is on her way to becoming a Madonna is Rihanna. I dont think she’s peaked yet either, I think she’s going to be even bigger with her next album, if that’s even possible.
  9. My legs have just spread. They’re always spread anyway, but they just spread further.
  10. Wait till she gets another #1 (if that ever happens) she’ll say how much she hated not being recognised for her artistry.
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