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  1. I was reading another post on here about Britney having an Emmy, so I jumped on over to IMDB to see if it was listed on her page. That is when I found this... IMDB- Corporate Animals Corporate Animals, set to come out in August of 2019. Britney Spears is listed in cast as playing The Ghost of Britney Spears. Did we ever hear about this? Can we confirm she shot this already and it's happening???
  2. This makes me want the sit down tell all even more. I want her to have her chance to explain all of this, and kevins substance abuses.
  3. I cannot believe how much her body and rhythym improved during the length of POM. I wish 2016ney would have done this choreo just once.
  4. i was hoping for just a single good video of a good show with brunetteney. she always seemed to be feelin herself with that color.
  5. Does anyone have a good HD clip of her doing the full POM choreo from Piece of Me before the revamp? When she actually had a good move set with the dancers before it became just hairflips and funny faces?
  6. Probably saving all of them to release post-mortem, like they did with the Whitney Houston best live performances "tribute".
  7. Please never stop doing this
  8. They should release a blu ray with all her professionally recorded tours and some of her best award show performances.
  9. Update: the gods answered one of my prayers. the ellen show performance was finally uploaded in great quality. https://britney-online.net/stream-download-hd-1080ptoxic-ellen-degeneres-2004/
  10. I'd even be happy with a HQ full slave performance from the circus tour, not a pieced together version with different outfits/hair/glasses combos. I WANT MY BRITMAS.
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