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  1. Isn't there a court case coming up in a few days for Britney? Has anyone made a #FreeBritney image for everyone to post on social media? I wanted to share, but I want to do one that everyone else is posting as well, or should we create one right now and make it trend?
  2. I just sent him this messages and also left this on their last picture together. @samasghari Hey Sam. In response to your recent stories, her fans are worried about her and are doing everything they can to show support. When team Britney ignores everyone, it’s a bit odd. Celebrities have spoken out and information comes out and then it’s all deleted. It’s very alarming and concerning. Britney has gone through so much over the years, and was never afraid to speak out and be true to herself. Her mother even liked the free Britney movement. On a side note, it would be nice if Britney would tell us if she’s interested in her career or not. If she isn’t, it’s fine. She deserves to be happy either way, but it’s not right to sit there and not thank the fans or let them know that there is a future instead of releasing old content. Britney is pretending that nothing is happening around her and the fact is that there’s so much going on and her fans are all reaching to help her. She’s the one who said back in 2008 that she feels like a prisoner.
  3. But did everyone read the rest of the thread?
  4. I won't go to in too much detail with this video, but I re watched this video with Dianne Sawyer and I have to say it's really uncomfortable to watch. Diane made her feel very uncomfortable and even asked her questions if she even likes her own voice. The shade from what she does, to being nude on magazines (Britney explained that so many other female celebrities do it too, and yet she kept attacking Britney and digging further.) The worst part was that she continued to analyze her for everything from picking her nails, not having *** before marriage and even talking about what "she did" to Justin Timberlake. Do we think this was the first time Britney felt uncomfortable by the media and against the world? Is this what slowly caused her to be what she is today? Interestingly enough, when I met Britney in 2017, Felicia told me she is very reserved and shy, but the fact is her reactions were quick and to the point in the interview (even if she stumbled a bit because of Diane). What I liked about Britney was that she didn't care about what others said and she would quickly shut it down. Her reaction when a photographer asked for a photo of her, she replied "you have to be quick to catch me" and later said she wants to just shoot them all with a water gun. This was in her Zone concert special. Or remember when someone asked her how much her house was worth and she replied "that's not of your business." This was in DWAD during her Mexico leg. When Britney had her meltdown in 2007, it was a scary time but we all for the most part understood it. She went through a break up, a divorce, she was being watched for everything she did and didn't do and then being questioned as a mother. She also lost her grandmother, I believe? And then after we see her jump back (her comeback shall we say) and open up for an interview 'For the Record' in 2008. think we all wanted to know why she wanted to shave her head, but she said "it's no ones business." And still from that documentary, we heard how she felt about her past, Justin, and even Kevin. We also heard her say "what the hell was I thinking?" Her personal life is her personal life. What I have to question is why can't Britney speak out on everything the past two years. Why is it all a secret and if she wants help, why is't she asking for it? The media depicts her as "mental" and she doesn't fire back. https://theblast.com/c/Britney-spears-skimpy-instagram-fashion-show-deemed-not-normal-fans-worry She posts these videos and doesn't even speak on why Domination was really shut or if and when she will ever come back to the stage. There are fans that comment and truly are worried asking her if she's alright and she doesn't say anything. This is a time where I think she should speak to the world. Avoiding it doesn't help anything and if she was honest, I'm sure she would have more people understand than not. The point to this is what's her deal? Although I understand why she may hate the media, why is it that she is possibly giving up on her career and being very different on instagram? What do we think went wrong? It wasn't all that long ago when we got this amazing interview from her in 2016. It's clear from the audience that she is more liked than disliked.
  5. Who thinks we’ll get some new music from her before she’s 40? It’s hard to picture her releasing something before then. She’ll really have to change her image by then. I just don’t know why a buzz single can’t even be considered.
  6. If Britney comes back to the music scene, her first single should be a cover of this song. And then the second single should follow with a hot dance track with fire and water, like this video! That is all!
  7. Where is this Britney? How is it that we don’t even recognize her anymore? She went from this... ...to this. It’s like night and day. And they’re pegging her as crazy. https://theblast.com/c/britney-spears-british-accent-video-mental-health-concerns-instagram-maui-zoo-birds
  8. Excuse me. I’m an idiot? There is no reason for name calling. You’re assuming she’s unhappy in the c-ship, meanwhile you don’t know anything about it either. Should I call you an idiot? im sorry, I don’t always approve everything she does and says like some of you. I speak truthfully and if she really wanted help and to get out, she would. There is no proof that it’s them either, so don’t call me a dumbass. 😒
  9. There have been plenty of reasons for why I think Britney could care less about us. If it wasn’t the lack of support she had for the Domination announcement (nearly walking down stairs and right into her car – after fans were there for hours) or her most recent lack of care in the Britney Experience / museum / or whatever you call it, it’s pretty clear that I can stand by this statement. Yet again the question is asked, “where is Britney?” She wasn’t even there on opening night a few days ago. You think she would take some pride in showing her fans that she cares about us, but no, why would she? Yes, I know you’re all going to say she’s not happy and she under a conservatorship. I’m not sure if that’s even the case. In fact, for all we know, she might be just fine with it. Britney is showing no signs of wanting help from us, and she doesn’t honor anything we do for her (fans protesting at court or even the hash tag #FreeBritney). She doesn’t even attend her own sessions regarding her hearings. If she was really itching to get out, she would attend every damn court hearing until it was over. The fact that she doesn’t thank us for our support or even communicate to us, it’s just outrageous. Meanwhile a bunch of other celebrities who also go through a lot of problems and issues personally still communicate with their fans and tell them what is up. Finally out of all of this, what are we doing? We are supporting to get her out of something that we don’t know all the facts. She is not coming to the media and crying to us and asking for help. It’s clear she is content with her life. This has been a mess since her dad was apparently “ill.” I think it was an excuse to get out of Domination and out of the spotlight. Her heart is clearly not into it, and she would rather make easy money by attaching her name to her 30th perfume bottle and also slap her name on a cheap “Britney experience” then to be creative. It’s clear the woman doesn’t have much of a life. She is always at home, doesn’t see her kids and you would think that she would want to get away from all of that and just work. Call me crazy, but people go to work everyday and battle heartache, financial problems and sometimes they have a disease and are fighting for their life. I suffer a lot of depression and anxiety, but if I stayed home everyday I would lose my mind. Yet Britney wants to just trash everything about her legendary star icon and just slap her name on anything to get easy money from her fans because she knows we’ll buy it. My sister loves Britney and when I told her about the Britney Experience, she rolled her eyes and said “come on! Give me a break! She does anything just to stay home.” You see what I mean? And she’s not even a fan like us though! I met Britney back in 2017 at Piece of Me. You can tell she was very nervous and did not want to be there. Don’t get me wrong, she was sweet as ever, but was ready to get us all out of there. Britney is not the same Britney, and we have all talked about this before. I am starting to think things will never get better. I personally think we should boycott this Britney experience thing and the #FreeBritney. We need to let her do what she wants, because clearly she doesn’t feel the same way for us. It must be so hard to have strangers absolutely love you and do everything they can to help you.
  10. If this is accurate, I’m not surprised. It’s so sad she can’t even communicate with her fans. According to the Spears source, the singer — who is celebrating her special day in Miami with boyfriend Sam Asghari — is also continuing to do well personally. “Britney is good. She sees Sam as much as she can, but he also has his career. Britney is very supportive of it. It seems she doesn’t really think about her own career though. She doesn’t talk about a new album, or about performing.” https://people.com/music/britney-spears-good-contact-sons-after-family-drama-happier/
  11. Is that her way of saying she’s done with her career or...?
  12. But she looks great here! https://images.app.goo.gl/x98o8aU6Vt1Vuxwj9
  13. I don’t understand her. She’s so excited to go and then walks out after seconds. I guess her career is over. It’s only getting worst and she has no intentions of putting the effort in.
  14. I’m sorry, I don’t understand? Who cares if they ask? All she can say is “no comment.” What’s the big deal?
  15. Watch the video. I love how happy she appeared to be. When did it really all stop? After Kevin? Before Kevin? Maybe it was after Justin actually. She just loved performing and being out there. I just don’t understand why her team doesn’t want her like this again.
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