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  1. It’s honestly so embarrassing being a fan. You’re going to blame them for something that’s not their fault. Gross. At the rate we’re going, we will drive Britney to retirement
  2. I just have to say... 1. for those that are saying it’s not Britney’s voice, stop causing drama. 2. For those that don’t want to support because of freeBritney, it will also affect her. It won’t stop how much she still has to pay people, so by not supporting her she loses on all ends, including her talents. 3. The cover is beautiful and I just want B10 so badly! 😭
  3. Can someone explain to me why we don’t like her? I’m trying to explain the situation to my friend.
  4. I remember years ago I made up songs and titles for albums and one was Jekyll and Hyde. I would love that name! It kinds of reveals a mysterious names and show the real and fake side of things. In this case it could be how she has a different face on to pretend everything is alright when it's not.
  5. I heard they charged for a music video and some generic Q&A'S. Apparently it had a bunch of TikTokers in it too. A guy paid 145 with tax to get some merchandise and to have a zoom session with Jamie Lynn but has to wait to have it. Anyone buy a ticket to ask about Britney to piss her off?
  6. She spinning around. She is not even dancing. She's making symbols with her hands and is doing the same thing over and over. She is a professional performer. That is not dancing. It's just odd coming from someone who is an entertainer. Besides that, she does these videos where she is talking and supposedly answering fan questions that no one asks and comes up with this random stuff of what to bring on a beach. On top of that she posts multiple pictures that are the same and gives long bios on why she's doing it. Her posts weren't always like this and about two years ago, her posts were fine and didn't do things like this.
  7. That's because she's posting some weird stuff.
  8. Is she though? She doesn't even attend her hearings.
  9. Where does it say she will do it? I wish she made Just Luv Me a single. Ugh, it gives me life!
  10. I know the title sounds a bit dramatic, but I was watching a huge megamix of Britney that was like 30 minutes long and it brought back so many memories. Each song and decade reminds me of everything she went though and growing up with her and experiencing certain parts of life. As I'm almost hitting 30, and she is almost 40. I wonder is it the beginning of the end? I am obviously talking about her music. I just want her to tell us on instagram or something if she just wants to end her music career. We are all sitting here wondering if she even cares. Did she stop Domination because she really wanted to or was it really because of her dad? We know she also started B10. Did she stop because she is sick of the conservatorship or is it because she is just sick of her music career? It drives me crazy to think that she simply regrets her career just like she said about her snake VMA performance. Most artist like Lady Gaga and Ariana are catching up and have released so many songs and albums and Britney still hasn't even made her tenth studio album. I wish she would just release an album about her life. It would be so therapeutic and would help her and so many people. I remember when she did that with Everytime and Piece of Me. Besides that, we all know she is mostly home. Isn't she bored? Doesn't she want to work? I couldn't imagine not being able to not work. There are many people that go through problems with life or fight really bad things mentally and physically and yet they still go to work. And if she really hates what her dad is doing why isn't she speaking out? Why isn't she seeking help? Why is everything a mystery with her? There are so many people rooting for her. All she has to do is say "Help me!" and everyone would come running for her. I just don't get it!
  11. It must be really nice to be Jaime Lynn. She’s making new music and doing everything Britney would be doing if she wasn’t struggling and stuck in a conservatorship from their father. It’s really sad to see the amount of posts and stories and promotion Jamie Lynn is doing for her remake song which we all know damn well that Britney helped her with the original. I wonder how Britney feels but instead of being creative I’m sure she’ll post another rose or twirl around.
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