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  1. I was really excited for the show, however was every song of hers really remixed? That’s not really good.
  2. Okay, this was weird. She was talking so slow and didn’t really answer. And then she ends with saying “Ask Britney.” Great, someone let her do that then! Her lawyer can’t even comment because of the pending case? This is such bull****! Everyone can talk except Britney and her lawyer.
  3. I am surprised more of us fans don't talk about this gem! It was a long time since Britney spoke to us like this. I think she had more to say as well! And she sang live! Those vocals are everything!
  4. I would love her to work with a producer from each album to come on this one. I want her to work with Max Martin, Danja, Julia Michael, Justin Tranter, Sia and Pharrell to name a few. I want the album to mostly be just her, but would love a collaboration with Dua Lipa. I also want songs that are about her and meaningful like Everytime, Perfume, Stronger and perfume. I would also like her to do a song that sounds like Toms Diner. We need four or five singles and with videos. I also want her to to do one cover song. “You don’t own me.” That should also be the title of the album!
  5. My sister and I went to an XFactor show to support Britney and towards the end, 45 minutes before it ended she got up and disappeared. I believe she truly did not want to be there
  6. I’m so sick of these posts. Very confusing, same picture and yet still so disconnected to us
  7. This! Exactly! and if she was always like this, I would say okay but something is very different
  8. Let me just say her Instagram looked a lot better with posts like this
  9. They said that those people don’t really know Britney like her father and mother. I made a comment about Felicia but they said still not her parents.
  10. Today I was at work and I was talking to a group of coworkers and we talked about Britney. Now you had me who’s the only hardcore Britney fan, however no one at my job hates her. When we spoke about the conservatorship, everyone feels she deserves it because of how she acts on social media. They said she needs help and feels bad for her and that she was obviously put in a conservatorship for a reason. They all feel that something bad happened back then for them to put her into it. I literally fought tooth and nail with them as they said that I was defending everything about her. I however said it before and I’ll say it again, her instagram account is making her look so bad. I really wish she would stop with it. They’re all saying the on going twirling, her voice changing and looking out of it is really bad. She doesn’t even look or sound like the Britney we know.
  11. She really needs to be cancelled! I also left a comment to her: "The fact that this show continues to talk about Britney in a negative way is just disgusting. Wendy needs to be educated on what a conservatorship is, because she really has no idea. A conservatorship is usually for elderly people who can't make decisions for themselves. That is not Britney! She has released a number of records, was a judge on XFactor and had one of the best Vegas residencies. Wendy, are you seriously going to sit there and say she is not mentally well for her finances and personal life but can continue to work? Her cousin recently came out saying she received threats from Jaime, but you're going to sit there and still defend this man? You're out of control and your show should be cancelled for making fun of people with mental health." As mentioned in the video though, people are judging Britney because of her instagram videos. She is really not helping herself with it though.
  12. Can we talk about this masterpiece and how we need a part 2? I haven’t seen it since 2018. It hits me differently now because of what’s going on today. When do we think Jaime started to take advantage of her because it just seemed like he really loved her here? I never thought we’d see Britney this way after 2007 and she did so well. And now I feel like we’re back in a 2007 version but worse
  13. This was not right! You didn’t have to make it a premiere and you could have been honest on what it was from the start
  14. Why isn’t her show cancelled by now? I don’t usually hate anyone, but she gets on my nerves. She’s so disrespectful towards Britney
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