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  1. I’ve seen comments saying Abroad and Who Can She Trust, I wasn’t aware they’d leaked yet? Edit: I was confusing Abroad with Take The Bait, I know Abroad has leaked - oops!
  2. I think with Free Britney getting bigger with more coverage around the world, she has finally realised she has the power to get out of this once and for all, and part of that involves refusing to work for the system keeping her prisoner.
  3. Jamie is playing dirty like the scum that he is. Of COURSE Britney hasn’t appeared in court over the years; who would want to sit in a room and have your rights and medical history debated by strangers / the people who control you when you’re sat there powerless. Imagine how degrading that would feel. That’s if they were even giving her the chance to attend before. She shouldn’t be pressured into attending now, either. Britney never asked to be put into this situation and Ingham seems more than capable to put Britney’s desires into language the court will understand. I find it suspect that she’s apparently incapable of making the most basic decisions, has been allowed to have the scum testify on her behalf when it suited them, but the second their access to her money is threatened they want her in court (but she’s still incapable of making decisions). Make it make sense, Jamie.
  4. Good for you, Jordan. He’s like an obsessed child. That said, he’s also not wrong. BH has a reputation for being the most toxic fan site for a reason. My husband, a fan of another female celebrity, sometimes browses and can’t believe this is supposed to be a “fan” site when half of the comments towards Britney are vile. It is what it is.
  5. Straight men in “talk **** about women who aren’t into me” shocker. Next.
  6. I think if she was able to do in on her own terms as a free woman, she might perform occasionally. She seems to enjoy the process of creating and presenting music, so it’s definitely possible. I’d love to see her back on stage victorious when she gets out of the conservatorship but if she wanted to retire and enjoy the rest of her life away from the spotlight, it’s understandable. She’s given too much for too long.
  7. I think this guy knows less than he makes out. 1. Why would the guy who did her website (which was very career protected rather than personal in those days) know anything about the conervatorship / her personal life? 2. If the NDAs were signed in those days that have since expired, SOMEBODY would have come forward with all of the information with the way the movement is going
  8. I can’t believe Britney has 14 and 15 year old kids (in two days). I was 15 when Preston was born! I hope Brit gets to see them today. Happy birthday JJ!
  9. I like Paris and it was good of her to speak out like this. She got a lot of **** in 2006 for being a bad influence by taking Britney partying but in hindsight it looks like she was sticking with Britney and making sure okay while she was understandably blowing off some steam after the separation with KFed. I hope they stay in touch, Britney deserves all the positive people around her she can get
  10. Britney’s Gram have posted about this and explain why it’s good news https://twitter.com/britneysgram/status/1295859168612462592?s=21
  11. Yes, I have! At the Femne Fatale tour in Newcastle, UK I was stood in the front row and about half way through the show some horrible girl pushed her way to the front by pretending she was throwing up, then started screaming excitedly at Britney when she got there. She had pushed her way in front of me, so I shoved her and she went flying back about five rows, then everyone started cheering and she got taken away by security. I was a bit scared Britney saw what happened and judged everything because she was doing DLMBTLTK at the time and was looking in our general direction eek
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