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  1. Are bitches still talking about this? Her teeth are the new nose...
  2. I can’t wait. I already need this one. Blackout too.
  3. I can’t wait. I already need this one. Blackout too.
  4. No. The divine virtue of pilot single should have been Copurr Electreek. What better way to f**k up all the girls than release a flawless first single that can’t no bitch even understand. They’d be guessin forever.
  5. Male Spine! Male Spine! Hellywood Damon Tranny! She says that about everyone. She thinks Shakira is a man too. Edit: Ladies help, I can’t find the video. She has the word Apostle in her name thinks that Hollywood is like 3000% trannies. She always says that these beautiful women don’t look “how a woman should look” and that they have Male Sines. She’s a loony. And I can’t with how she screams it, for real.
  6. I think she would have sang it very well. Probably better than Selena.
  7. What if it’s PTA Meetings? She deff brought brownies. With Chocolate Icing & Mini M+Ms on top.
  8. Overprotected video and DWAD tour. But, literally all of them.
  9. Britney is the cutest, but there’s something kinda off about this. I don’t quite know how to say it.
  10. She must come to Norfolk Or Virginia Beach, I cant afford to travel and go see her again.
  11. I can’t wait until she’s 60 for her to have a book. Now is really the time for that. Pretty much 10 years since her mother had her’s.
  12. I wonder what she would have done if she didn’t become an entertainer. I feel like she would have been a great kindergarten teacher. Obviously she loves children. Did she ever talk about wanting to be a history teacher? I seem to randomly recall that. I dunno.
  13. That was cool but it was all high kicks. I miss when Britney would do those high leg lifts. She used to be so acrobatic on stage. BOMTney used to do backflips.
  14. She and Sam went to the movies tonight, I see. They probably got a private screening.
  15. I’m really hoping that the musical still happens. I think it’s a great idea and if it’s a great show, it could really boost the Spears brand. Plus, it’s bitchin for someone like B to have a musical.
  16. Speed S is that flawless stan. Always blessing us with beautiful edits. I have some of his stuff on DVD, they’re amazing and so professional.
  17. Cant wait for their duet on B10, sure to come sometime soon within the next 16 and a half years.
  18. Our autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye...
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