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    It sounds real. But it sounds kinda bad. So that means it’s real.
  2. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other Rare Britney postcard from when she was 6 years old

    It’s a post card from her Kendwood Museum. I bought it. Bitches will stay pressed.
  3. MissSpearsSaysSo

    tour Britney Spears to perform at US Grand Prix 2018

    Hope there’s some kinda live stream or something. It is a big sports event. Like Formula 1, is a big deal.
  4. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other Subliminal messages in songs

    She definitely says “sleep with me I’m not too young” in BOMT. It’s too clear to just a coincidence.
  5. MissSpearsSaysSo

    tour Britney Spears to perform at US Grand Prix 2018

    Is it going to be the full set? I heard it has to be s much shortened performance.
  6. MissSpearsSaysSo

    tour Britney Spears to perform at US Grand Prix 2018

    “Isn’t this racetrack beautiful??”
  7. MissSpearsSaysSo

    music Who remembers this song ?

    I remember. I thought it was heartbreaking how things were back then. Still today.
  8. I get what he’s saying but no. That’s not right. At this point Britney is only working to pay off the various people and companies that own her. It’s sad and makes me think sometimes.
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    socialney Team B sends Adam Rippon T-Shirts

    Who’s she?
  10. MissSpearsSaysSo


    Cool for a new song but was that really her? Damn.
  11. Apart from the actual show, I’m excited to see that early rehearsal footage. She always KILLS IT in rehearsals. That’s when the real Britney really shines.
  12. MissSpearsSaysSo

    tour Meet and Greets are now $2000

    $2000 is way too much. I feel like that price is only going to increase as the years go on. Crazy, I couldn’t spend that much. It’s just too much on top of travel, hotel, tickets to the show, and like, food and merch + weed. I couldn’t. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to see the show even. Because I am actually really excited to see what she has planned and what she’s gonna do. I’m a Britney fan at heart ride or die, she’s the only popstar I’ve ever stanned and I don’t think l could love another artist the way I still love Britney. Maybe Gaga I guess. I’ll always be honest about what I think of Brit and my opinion on that. I think what she did last night was a bit unprofessional and definitely disrespectful to all of the people and fans that were there on short notice and waiting for a long time. Just like in 2013. She should’ve at least said a couple sentences and even mention the name of her show and actually introduce it. Like she did at the 2008 VMAs that would’ve been perfect. I don’t know with her sometimes.
  13. The most truth ever spoken on this site. I can’t.
  14. I’m actually loving this stuff. Gotta get That vinyl.
  15. MissSpearsSaysSo

    exhale Did POM have pre-recorded Vocals to start with?

    The original show did have some good pre-recorded vocals but they were scrapped by the Revamp show.
  16. The name is okay. To me it sounds like they settled because they decided not to go Britney: One More Time. It all seems like it was put together very last minute bb
  17. I’m just waiting for a new album, that’s all. So we’ll see.
  18. I think about this all of the time. I wonder if Britney will finally retire, and move back to Kentwood and never be seen again. What would all of us do? I confess, I spend waay too much time obsessing over this woman.
  19. I wonder what kind of backlash Ellen may see because of this. It was a huge letdown and Ellen isn’t really known for that. Britney could have actually made an “announcement”, and introduce the show. But she didn’t. This was a huge misstep for both of them. I hope thst she releases a new album. That’s the most i can hope for, at this point. I don’t really know what to think about her anymore. In some ways, many ways Britney as we love and know her is gone. For good. And all that’s left is this walking talking Britney Bot. The girl from Kenteood turned America’s eternal millennial pop super star as we love her is dead. She only exists in music, online videos, DVDs, pictures, magazines and in our childhood memories. Britney left us a pretty long time ago. I’d say it was that night she was found by paparazzi crying with her dog outside at night on the sidewalk. It’s been a long time and she’s going gone back to that Barbie world they made to imprison her to exploit and make money off of her. She’s turning into Cher. I love her, but Britney can not turn this overdone pop star trick into her 70s. She can’t do it this way forever. Id love her to take a nice long break to focus on nothing but her family and life away from Hollywood. Do that that and find Britney again, then come back with a new album to express all of that. Something like Jewel or Sherel Crowe. Maybe a little country. That would be nice.
  20. Britney had never been a diva and she isn’t one now.
  21. Sometimes I start to wonder why Britney continues to go along with all of this stuff.