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Everything posted by MissSpearsSaysSo

  1. This wannabe queen irks me. At this rate he’s gonna be on drag race one day and it’s gonna be horrible. Bookmark me H0ez.
  2. Her “Janet Control” shoot, so Iconic!! I wonder whyyyy it was removed..?
  3. Chrisette Michelle back in like 2014 or something. Anyone remember her? Then I saw Dave Matthews Band in 2015, then my first Britney show on the 2 year anniversary of POM that December. Then I saw Janet in 2017, and Britney again in NYC 2018!
  4. ...Baby One More Time, for sure. It’s the perfect pop song came out and it literally came up at exactly the perfect time. Everything lined up amazing, like it couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time. No one else could’ve done it better than her.
  5. My next phone will most definitely NoT be an Apple phone. They’re overly expensive, cheap and not worth the hassle.
  6. I agree with her completely. These days you can go viral from a stupid news clip then your dancing with Elien on tv. Fame and infamy are within a well-calculated reach for the average person these days. Back then you really had to work for it.
  7. It’s so true. Spent years of my childhood and teenage years obsessing over being popular and looking right, and wondering if everybody liked me and if I fit in the way I want to. Now as an adult I see that none of that literally means anything and all those people are fat and unhappy and I’m living my best life and I’ve never been happier! Britney too!
  8. Is anyone watch The Weeknd thing tonight? I watchedsTinashé performances on YouTube and they were fun! Hopefully this is good to! Is there a way to get TikTok in your tv?
  9. BOMTney all grown up! She’s never more Like Herself than she has in these recent videos lately. Stunning!
  10. On my phone, but sometimes when I’m really high and want a fun nostalgic experience I open up my laptop and surf! Exhale is so fun on a computer. It really take me back. I almost exclusively used a PC up until a few years ago.
  11. Omg, was agree with so much of this. There’s something seriously wrong going on, you can feel it. My cares and hopes are with Britney. I just want her to be happy. And if she’s happy or not living with or without the Conservatorship, then that’s fine with me.
  12. Well, people are sick of her at this point. She’s become such a huge over exposed celebrity, that people have become tired of seeing her everywhere all the time and they no longer care about her music or art.
  13. Why are people hating on Katy so much? Maybe I just don’t see it.. Like, other than talking smack about Britney a few times, what did she do?
  14. I think her team would have moved her from Vegas to another location.
  15. Literally every song is single-worthy. Gaga really provided an excellent album.
  16. She looks so good, it makes me so happy to see her being happy. Living her moves too!
  17. I would but Britney’s book so fast! I can only imagine what she has to say about everything. She would need several books just to properly go over everything.
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