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  1. On 7/15/2019 at 11:20 AM, RealLarryRudolph said:

    Clumsy deserved first single :mariahstare:


    No.  :sipney:   :zoomzoom:


    The divine virtue of pilot single should have been Copurr Electreek. What better way to f**k up all the girls than release a flawless first single that can’t no bitch even understand. They’d be guessin forever.  :beysip:   :woopsie:   :gelis:

  2. Male Spine! Male Spine! Hellywood Damon Tranny! She says that about everyone. She thinks Shakira is a man too.  :jackk:

    Edit: Ladies help, I can’t find the video. She has the word Apostle in her name thinks that Hollywood is like 3000% trannies. She always says that these beautiful women don’t look “how a woman should look” and that they have Male Sines. She’s a loony. And I can’t with how she screams it, for real.  :zoomzoom:

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  3. 2 hours ago, dran said:

    Probably meeting to have the Piece of Me tour now go through the rest of North America.


    Just kidding. Please anything is fine. Even if it's a meeting for her to pick out which wall colours she wants for her house. QUEEN WHERE ARE YOU :( <3

    She must come to Norfolk Or Virginia Beach, I cant afford to travel and go see her again. 

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  4. Do you think that Britney’s team is pushing for a new comeback era sometime soon? Looks like late this year or probably in 2020. The new Prerogative perfume is definitely a hint at something brewing. And she always has a new fragrance before a new album cycle. Sooo...   :janet:

     I hope that if a new album/Residency/tour/whatever is happening that it’s what Britney wants to do.  :tbh:

    What are you guys expecting will happen? We all know that the Broadway show is still on and that’s cool (I’d love to go see it), but something else has got to be rolling out as well. I’m so Curious & Conflicted.  :wontcry:

    It’s gonna be interesting to see what her next professional move will be. I’m just happy that she seems very happy, healthy and doing great. 

    Okay, discuss.  :clap:

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  5. 1 hour ago, puppylo16 said:

    I hate to admit this but whether she’s in cship or not, I am thirsty for new Britney stuff :bthink:

    As a longtime B fan & supporter, this entire situation, her life and all, seriously breaks my heart to watch and see her go through all of it.  

    But in a big way us the fans probably cause a decent amount of stress in her life, but I honestly can’t help it,because her team and advertising or whatever caused this Undying Love for Britney in my life.

    Thus, I grew up as a young wanting and needing everything with her name on it. 

    I’m I lifetime Britney Customer. I’m a B Inc Financial Backer at this point, can’t help it and it’s so hard and strange. Can anyone relate??  :crying1:

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