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  1. Fan since 1998 (I was 8), STAN since 2004 until forever. Britney is a big part of my life and is my biggest inspiration and my favorite hobby. I have been collecting since 2004 and have the largest and most complete collection in the state of Virginia. I love to collect Britney’s merch from the early 2000s, perfumes, toys, magazines and interesting collectibles from all around the world. I specialize in collecting all of the Singles from each album or standalone release including promo and lesser known releases, different versions and rarities. Apart from official items I’ve also stated collecting high quality fan made and unofficial CDs and DVDs to make up for the fact that her label no longer releases her singles on CD format or any new DVDs in recent years. My hopes are to continue to keep my collection as good as it can be to to continue supporting and enjoying the life and career of my all time favorite pop star!  

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      Lets see some pics :dorkney:

  2. waiting for new sh!t to drop

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My Experience Watching Janet Jackson Perform In Vegas Post-Britney Spears’ Piece Of Me Era