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  1. I’m the one person whom voted for E-mail My Heart. I love Emailney more than all of you combined.
  2. Has anyone here heard her new song Choke? It’s sick. From her new EP coming out. Check it oozy. Voicemail too.
  3. BOMT S4U Breathe On Me DLMBTLTO And Then We Kiss Intimidated 3 Womanizer I Run Away When I Say So Honorable Mentions: TTWE Anticipating Oops! I’ll Be There Sometimes etc...
  4. I seriously had no idea about her 2008 VMA dresses. They’re so GORG!
  5. Definitely the first Britney ballad I fell in love with.
  6. I personally don’t think it’s such a big deal. She comes from a different era than today’s big pop stars. She’s been vocal about her support of the LGBT in the past and we know that she cares, so that’s enough. Everyone had been jumping on the Gay train this month more than ever to make a quick buck. It’s not a good look and I’m happy that Britney is not doing that.
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