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  1. MissSpearsSaysSo

    music B10

    She needs a completely new sound. This is a big album and a big moment in her careers.
  2. MissSpearsSaysSo

    news Work Bitch will be in Just Dance 2019?

    It’s had some of the best longevity her career had had lately. And it had a major POP when she opened the 2018 IHEARTRADIO Fest with it. And it’s definitely helped that she’s performed it on some big name programs. Britney ain’t done yet.
  3. Work Bitch BOMT Oops! Womanizer MATM POM Protected Slumber Party Toxic S4U PS, her next Greatest Hits needs to have an awesome and more dynamic flow like this...
  4. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other help me find a vid of wb where she sings over the tracl

    I remember this!! But I have no idea if it even exists anymore. I feel ya gurl, it was a true blessing.
  5. MissSpearsSaysSo

    tour Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel met Britney

    I wonder if she knows any of his music?
  6. MissSpearsSaysSo

    music Does britney sing the chorus in oops I did it again

    Britney has always been the main focus in a massive collection of other vioces, giving us the signature “Britney vocals” we all love. That’s why she doesn’t sing live, and I love her to death, but she is for the most part, incapable of reproducing live what we hear in her songs. But really, this kinda goes for any pop star. That’s how they’re made.
  7. MissSpearsSaysSo

    music When will she bless us with new music? (Apple Pie, Pitbull collab?)

    We need new music soon. It’s been forever. I hope that her team isn’t dumb enough to not release something before the end of 2018. They need the momentum going into 2019, it’s going to be a big year for her, with her 20 year anniversary and everything around that.
  8. I love how every song isn’t paired with a messy ponytail. I give it a week tops until she wearing one through entire shows again. But let’s enjoy this moment, the simple pleasures of being a Britney stan.
  9. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other 1999 twist test survey

    She is so obsessed with Brad Pitt.
  10. The choreography looks better now than when she started the tour. But I hope that she has some better choreographers next time around.
  11. MissSpearsSaysSo

    exhale New britney Instagram post

    They broke up.
  12. MissSpearsSaysSo

    tour Merchandise on tour ?

    The merch was a bit pricy, especially the denim jacket, so I got the backpack (70), The poster (15), and the Stronger keychain (5). Honestly her merch this time around isn’t bad at all, but considering how expensive the tickets are, they should have eased up on the prices of goods. But the backpack is too cute and so soft. It’s iconic, and I do love to take pics of my bum while wearing it. I’m Gay & High.
  13. MissSpearsSaysSo

    socialney Something positive about now

    She’s still here.