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  1. I downvoted you and I never downvote anyone. You must be a nasty kinda bicth to get downvoted by me.
  2. I’ve always wanted to be killed by a vampire on any random episode of Bufffy. What an Iconic way to go.
  3. I’m feeling so sad for her son, he’s so young. And I heard about Cory but never about Mark Salling! This is kinda crazy. How do you have 3 main characters of a hit show die within just a few years of eachother. Very strange.
  4. Banks is crazy talented, I wish she got more recognition. She’s a real artist who gets that the industry is crooked and actually tries to change things.
  5. Lé Gaga is Iconic and thee shall deal with this Scientifically Verifiable Fact. You are now appropriately cAnCeLLeD for the next 15 minutes, which accounts to 45 years in Internet Years. Goodbye, sis.
  6. Mmm, The Ultra Daddy! Punish my Beef Curtains, sir.
  7. This is how people stay famous and relevant these days. It’s not controversy, it’s Just cheap marketing.
  8. I guess fans think it’s her Blackout, but it’s a bit of a snooze for me. I like the singles though.
  9. Poppy honestly lost me a bit with the rock vibe in her recent album. I like parts of some songs but I’m not into the sound of it completely. I’m always interested in where her music takes her.
  10. After all of this Pandemic is over with I’m sure that she’s certainly going to relaunch her FN promo campaign with new songs, kinda like Katy Perry with Part Of Me as an expansion of the Teenage Dream Era. I expect Gaga to do the same with Chromatica. It only makes sense. These are huge albums that deserve some mainstream promo and performance attention, like a proper era.
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