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  1. If her team doesn’t release something for the BOMT Tour 20th anniversary I’ll be so let down. It’s never had an official release and it’s so nostalgic too. The anniversary vinyl was nice and I’d really appreciate a BluRay or something for her tour. Like I expect Britney’s busted team to actually do something cool..
  2. Britney, it’s her classic era. And being between Oops and INT, the Britney album exemplified B’a cultural moment as the definitive pop star of the 21st century, and beyond. Everyone knows she’s ICONIC, even if they don’t listen to or enjoy her music.
  3. Other than Michael Jackson, I think Britney is the only one.
  4. Gurl, don’t bring it up. I’m still emotionally distraught that we didn’t have an official video for Tom’ Diner.
  5. I like the orange Freddy Krueger one.
  6. The comeback machine has officially begun. We all know Vegas is likely to happen at some point and if this is what’s starting it off, not a good way to go about it. No one except the fans knew about this perfume and half us us thought it was fake It’s not a bad photo, but I’m sure they must have had more choices..?? Like, it’s from a completely different era. But no outside of this forum knows that, and the bottle is kinda nice. I might get one. Like, if it’s at Walmart.
  7. Really?!? I had no idea. Wow, that’s crazy, cuz her character may be kind of an airhead but she’s got the most street smarts. I can’t imagine the show with her. They should have tried killed Ross instead. He’s a tool and a douchebag, Rachel and her Fabulous f**king Hair deserved better.
  8. I can’t f**k around with Ouija boards, they’re seriously bad voodoo.
  9. Phoebe is that ultimate bitch. I seriously love her character. She’s the smartest one of the group. OMG, I cried at the series finale. I was a sobbing into my lap pillow 13 year old queenie gay ass mess. I was my favorite show as a kid.
  10. Hm, I guess I never really stopped to think it even had background vocals. I think it’s probably just Britney.
  11. Was she that French fan who Britney supposedly accused of touching her butt and kicked her out? Then she sold her POM merch. Like, girl I’m not buying that stuff, it’s cursed.
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