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  1. wow i used to have this audio on my ipod touch to listen when i was trying to relax or something lol
  2. Thats what i think most of the time... Maybe her family cant do so much to help her our people will end up killing her.
  3. If you stop and think, theres a lot of sugestions that she had a sexual problem in her life... - Courtney Love said Jamie molested her at 10 - This twitter user tweeted and deleted theres a reason why Lynne was never planned to be Britneys conservator, so, maybe, Lynne agreed with Britney being abused at such young age in Hollywood (but i know that this doesnt link with Jamie molesting her) - The rumor of Britney attending to Epstein parties - The other user that said Sam was escorting her at the time - She hanging out with Brandon Davis - Marlon Wayans saying he 'tasted Britney Spears' - Claims of Tony Barretto and Fernando Flores I also remember an article published by Star magazine around 2003/2004 of Birtney in Louisiana being carried by 3 shirtless guys, dont know if any of you remember that but it was something that i always found weird and that nobody really talked about it... I know all of this are just speculation but is the only thing that i can see as something 'bad' coming from her and that her family would try to put her on a conservatorship that are not related with depression, drugs, etc.
  4. Don’t get me wrong but after 1 month her team decides that she is already in the mood to be back working? For me sounds more like she just needed a reason to cancel the residency and start to begin an era in the proper way. I don’t like to describe the fact that her dad was ill as an excuse, but 1 month it’s really soon to build an “insider note” like that.
  5. It depends on your point of view... Stages is a Book + DVD, the DVD is a bonus, the main product is a book, the same for Britney Special Limited Edition, its a CD with a bonus DVD, just like the Circus Deluxe Edition or The Singles Collection purple/boxset.
  6. It’s part of the Pepsi Gladiators campaign. https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?album=6628&pid=281534#top_display_media
  7. I understand you, buddy! You got lucky that your first meet was only you. when I had my horrible meeting in Canada I left the country thinking that I should buy another meet and greet to have a good experience on my mind, so that’s what I did. When she came to Brazil later that year I bought the meet and greet for Rio de Janeiro and I knew that I should be low key and etc. so when I got to the room, I was lucky that she was laughing to her crew and dancing to the song that was being played and that made everything easier. I have to admit that on my first meet and greet i didn’t even thought that she was Britney Spears. Because she was just a little girl in front of me. So when I went to the second one and saw her laughing and everything was easier to see the girl I fell in love with it and made me really happy. i just went there and ask her if she saw the gifts I gave to Felicia, and she said “yeah they are really beautiful, thank you” and I said “let’s just take a good picture together” and she put her arm on my back without I asking anything. I think I was the only one who got a “hug” that night and was really nice for me at the time. but again, I don’t think it’s fAir for the fans thAt can’t affourd more than one meet to finally have a good one. Today I think I should have not buy another one, because as much the second one was nice, it wasn’t easy for me to buy another one in the same year and unfortunately that didn’t change the way I saw everything on a big picture. anyway, I’m happy that some people have good experiences, I really do, I just don’t feel she is being right being rude for the others because at the end of the day, they are paying for the same experience. after my second meet and greet I decided that, even if it was better, i should not keep supporting that. So even if she end up coming to Brazil, I don’t even plan to go to a concert. I can’t support that kind of behavior because it’s clearly that it all depends on how she feels on that specific day and that’s unprofessional. anyway, long post, sorry about that. I just keep thinking about everything lately.
  8. I know how u feel, buddy. When I did my meet and greet during FF I also describe the experience hidden some facts. She wasn’t nice at all, kind of rude actually. it wasn’t rushed at the time but she didn’t answered much back, I posted about this on a thread a while ago. I told her that I went from Brazil to Canada to see her for the first time and she just said thank you, after the picture I asked for a hug and she just said “I don’t think so” looking to her sides. i left the room saying I’m sorry and crying. Even Felicia stoped what she was doing to hug me and try to calm me down. She was so nice. Watching the concert was really hard. Like if it was all fake like many of us who had such an experience feels like. its hard to admit that, specially at the time. But life goes on and there’s no reason to be ashamed of.
  9. I don’t think it’s Marta’s fault only. Other people touched her that day. You can’t blame just one, and besides that, Britney should know how to handle that better... also, she was acting weird before with the not answering fans.
  10. Exactly... Theres no excuse for her to act like that, even if he asked something inappropriate... I also feel bad that Felicia is not on this tour, i would like to know what she would say about that
  11. THats one of the reasons why the last time I gave money to Britney the brand was on the Femme Fatale Tour when I had my meet and greet. I said this before in a different thread, but at the time I didn’t want to post my story, because I was ashamed and I was thinking it was my fault. I asked for a hug and she said “I don’t think so”, I left the room feeling bad and this took me a while to realize that maybe Britney is not the nice person we all think she is. its unacceptable that she can be rude with some fans that are paying the same amount of money that others that she can hug, kiss, do a different pose, whatever. I’m sorry but I can’t make any excuses for her anymore. She do likes to perform etc but she doesn’t care. And doesn’t care to the point that she and her team put pression on a person that spend 2,000$ knowing that the person will be in shock or worried and will accept their rudeness. Sure I’m still here, I can’t just stop following the news, but after that experience I decided to stop buying anything related to her.
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