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  1. How do we know this? I see the picture you provided but what does any of it mean? All it says was they had a hearing in September and then what does the exhib in January mean?
  2. I hope he doesn't freak out- he has Britney's mother, Fe, and all of the fans on his side. If anything Jamie and the conservatorship just look really dumb and embarrassing for even trying this. I think this will be helpful in the end because Jamie & team will continue being exposed. If anything it will bring more light to the situation and make them look like trash
  3. That video rubbed me the wrong way. The only people saying that are her fans who just want her to not be trapped in a restrictive conservatorship lolllll like I feel like she just came down our throats LMAO!! Am I being dramatic ?? IDK
  4. Right, I was going to say that what he said was actually the opposite of being cocky because typically the “cocky” fitness trainers love to say “yeah well I look like this because of THE GRIND AND THE WORK I PUT IN!!!!!” Typically they don’t like to admit that their genetics can help them look that way, I can do the exact same routine and diet as him and I’ll still obviously look good I’m sure because he does tough workouts and great diet BUT I may not look as great as him because he might just be blessed with better genetics/aesthetic. If anything he was actually being humble by admitting that or saying that
  5. I know it sounds ridiculous when we read it like that - but if you think about it, appearance plays a massive role in our daily life especially in situations like this. Judges take a large look at how a client represents themselves, if she comes in saying she's ready to take control of her life but looking a mess... it just doesn't fit right. Same with the GP who can twist it and make her look incapable if her hair is showing tracks and her makeup is smudged/racoon LOL. I really don't mean to sound vain or annoying but it's just the truth, we do lowkey need her looking excellent. Appearance can show confidence and readiness.
  6. Don't forget it's going to be hard for people to protest at 1PM in the middle of a work-day. Maybe during lunch breaks or around 4/5 PM when the hearing is closing or something will there be more people. or maybe word of mouth
  7. Even if that’s true, it’s all about what the conservator lays down as rules. If Lynne is a conservator and for whatever reason doesn’t free her from it- she can be really lax and Britney will feel free, you know what I mean? Also, the order of how people are prioritized to becoming conservators is: 1. Spouse (If she gets married) 2. Children (when they turn 18 in 4 years) 3. Parents (unless they set her free/die) soo it might revert to the kids who might say this is OVER. ORRR they keep it but again, leave her be for the most part.
  8. Wait what do you mean that’s why Beyonce and Taylor have no competition?
  9. No no, she served her with a handwritten letter scolding her for taking Kevin’s side and helping send her to rehab
  10. It’s definitely Free Britney. Shouting “Queen Britney” in that tone and phrasing just doesn’t really make sense for that part of the song? Also she’s not dumb- I’m sure she’s aware of the Free Britney movement, she would be aware that queen britney sounds like the same thing. If she didn’t wanna be messy she would have said BRITNEY IS THE QUEEN
  11. Okay great!!!!! I’m glad you find it informative and awe thanks sweetie 💜💜 hopefully these leaking documents spill spill some more tea on how she was fighting and when!!!
  12. You’re welcome but I actually didn’t have access to the actual documents at the time, the video is moreso about the timeline of events of when britney filed against the conservatorship!
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