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  1. Okay great!!!!! I’m glad you find it informative and awe thanks sweetie 💜💜 hopefully these leaking documents spill spill some more tea on how she was fighting and when!!!
  2. You’re welcome but I actually didn’t have access to the actual documents at the time, the video is moreso about the timeline of events of when britney filed against the conservatorship!
  3. Did you find it informative?! And thank you sweetie 💜💜💜
  4. Ew I hate to be so annoying and plug myself but I literally made a video about all of this court stuff the other day, it’s only at 1.2K views right now and IDK if it’s good enough to share , let me know what you guys think:
  5. BabyOneMoreTime.

    music IF Britney recovers & comes back to music...

    Madonna Ray of Light mariah Butterfly janet velvet rope that is what I would like. A personal album filled with artistic expression and a new sound for both her and the music industry
  6. That third tweet is me! Lol! EXPOSE THEM!!!!!! TMZ is so f**king stupid along with her delusional team... we been knew they are dumb just through how they have done her career for the past decade but WOW. They are seriously lacking in the brains department