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  1. :umomg: :umomg:

    Yep. This sh!t is very real and exists. And although I do believe in mental illness, I feel like the extreme symptoms are symptoms of possession. They see things that other people don't, "people" talk to them in their heads, they haunt them with demonic sh!t, they have horrible dreams... And the medical industry still can't find a "chemical imbalance" in the brain, they still can't even PROVE mental illness.


    I'm sorry but it's obviously demonic sh!t. And being haunted. And me and my twin brother have experienced our fair share of paranormal sh!t.

  2. I remember going to church when I was like 12, and I see this HOT ass guy, in this black suit, sexy gelled back hair, sexy bone structure, facial hair, etc and in my head I'm like Goddddd he's soooooo cute!


    Well anyway, he turned out to be POSSESSED because near the end of the ceremony, they were praying for him and all this crap and he like fell on the floor and I swear to God he had like SPIT and drool coming out of his mouth...


    Him and his family drove to that church from like another city just so this particular pastor could pray for him.

  3. I kinda need some advice guys..... I'm not really sure that I'm gay :londonomg2: I think I might be bi, but I'm not 100% sure. It kinda feels like I'm supposed to be gay, idk. I'm attracted to men physically, but I love girls emotionally, and get crushes on girls based on personality. Help!

    Lmfao I'm the same way.


    I just don't label it. I just do whatever comes. If something happens with a girl, then I'll go with it. I don't have to make myself decide or label my emotions.

  4. It's weird to me how someone who flops so bad is still so relevant. I mean, she's everywhere. I think it's because of her flawless style. And she's beautiful. That in itself is marketable. And honestly, I have no idea Live It Up flopped because it seemed like they were playing that song everywhere at one point.


    If you don't check for stats and things like that, she still seems pretty relevant to the GP.

  5. Exactly this! When I was a kid I always liked the "girly" things and got bullied for it, still do, but I don't care. I realize now that I had such a strong mind when I was younger and I'm proud of that, I could easily have given in to gender roles and what everyone wanted me to be but I didn't :)

    And I gave into those gender roles up until about the age of 16... Where I literally got so SICK of having to fit a certain "mold" that I just snapped, said f**k it and started doing me. People were like "oh my God you changed so much," and I was just like, "I never changed. I've always been the same person... I just finally started living my life." :queenflopga:

  6. What's really annoying me is the people saying it's not natural, that men are supposed to act masculine. No, men aren't 'supposed' to act masculine, that's what's society's ingrained in everyone's brains since birth.

    What is "masculine?" Who defined what "masculine" is? Is "masculinity" defined by how muscular you are? What kind of athlete you are? The type of music you listen to?


    It's all such foolishness to me. I don't think any of that defines a man.


    For me a real man is someone who knows themselves. Someone who can be completely comfortable in who they are and the skin that they're in. Someone with integrity, and a true sense of self. Not someone who can shoot a ball into a net or someone who can run down a court the fastest.

  7. i'm not physically attracted to them but it's not just about that. all the feminine/obvious gays i've met are just straight up fucking annoying. they are so loud, dramatic, love being the center of attention, and act like a queen. it's embarrassing. if i wanted to date someone feminine, i would date a girl. i don't even really want to be friends with feminine guys they bother me so much.


    and it makes things awkward because they're so obviously gay whereas i'm assumed straight in public but if i'm with a feminine guy, the way he dresses and talks makes it so obvious. i don't want to stand out in public (unless it's cuz someone thinks i'm hot or something), especially not for my sexuality. 

    Oh my God you're so masculine with half-naked gays in your set  :wahlykeomg:  x

    Can I be like you?!


    LMFAO at some of you labeling feminine gays when you're on a Britney Spears forum... Posting about Britney and other female pop stars... Using whore gifs.

    Jesus Christ why did you put me in this world with such hypocritical, self-hating, fake people? :zoomzoom:


    They are fucking retarded.


    And I've dated masculine gay men before... They are the MOST insecure men of all. And the biggest pussies. If a feminine gay or a drag queen has the nerve to dress the way they do and act the way they do... They'll have the nerve to punch you in the fucking face. Everyone know the feminine gays are feisty and they will sting. And that's a fact. :queenflopga:

  9. LMFAO at some of you labeling feminine gays when you're on a Britney Spears forum... Posting about Britney and other female pop stars... Using whore gifs.


    Jesus Christ why did you put me in this world with such hypocritical, self-hating, fake people?  :zoomzoom:

  10. Lmao Iggy will never make it either.


    I don't understans how much hype these female rappers need, but I remember Nicki making it pretty easily and fast.



    Honestly... I agree. They've had so much hype already. And honestly, other then Change Your Life by Iggy and T.I., I haven't heard ONE truly radio-friendly, undeniable smash hit song from EITHER of them.


    As for Azealia, her music is even worst then Iggy's and I doubt she will ever breakthrough.