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  2. omg!! you're right!!

    i never saw that, that changes everything!!

    just like the source close to britney that claims britney is moving to egypt!!

    How is it a "source" when it's Myah Marie's actual DAD who said that? And I could have been fooled during the Femme Fatale era, that it is ALL actually Britney, but Will.i.Am is such an UNPROFESSIONAL producer that now it's just obvious that a lot of it ISN'T Britney because I can clearly hear Myah, especially on Passenger and Body Ache. If you don't, that's fine - but don't complain about OTHER people who do and would like to speculate on it on a BRITNEY SPEARS forum.

  3. Lol someone's projecting their past here! I'm glad you finally changed and refuse to let someone cheat on you bb :)

    No, I'm just not stupid. I've never been afraid of the truth. I've always SEEKED the truth, from a very young age. And the older I get, the more I realize that not EVERYONE is like that, heck, most people AREN'T like that. But I am, and I always will be, regardless if people can or cannot handle it.

  4. Talking about yourself bitch?

    There is noooo prove so STFU!!!

    There were rumors and speculation about this topic SINCE the Femme Fatale era. Fans with actual EARS noticed the differences in her vocals way before there was even ANY KIND of speculation about this kind of stuff. Myah Marie's own dad came out and said that "it's Myah's voice on Britney fans' favourite tracks," and then Myah had to go into damage control mode for her daddy and take it all back, in fear of losing her job and other opportunities that came with working for Britney.


    You mix this in with the FACT that on A LOT of the BJ tracks Britney does NOT sound like Britney and there is a REASON to speculate and to be worried:

    Murray Langston, the father of a singer named Myah Marie, claims that hisdaughter is “actually the voice fans are hearing on their favorite Britney tracks.” He tells the magazine, “They don’t want Myah to meet Britney — they make my daughter enter the studio through a back door to avoid a run-in.” “Maybe Britney doesn’t know whose voice is on her album and it doesn’t even interest her,” speculates Langston. “Maybe she just comes in, lays down the track and leaves, and doesn’t care.”

  5. The people who always say "SHUT THE f**k UP, STOP BRINGING IT UP" are the most pathetic people on this forum. They CAN'T handle a discussion, they DON'T want to hear something that could very well be (and in my opinion IS) true. They'd rather live in denial to feel good. These are the same type of people who get cheated on, know they're being cheated on and refuse to open their eyes to the truth because they can't DEAL with reality.

  6. Like A Prayer: artistic statement

    Singing with Macklemore and Miley Cyrus: trying to stay cool and relevant #disgranny


    But then again, you weren't even sperm when Like A Prayer was released, so....

    And what is your fave doing collaborating with Nicki, Ke$ha, Miley & others?  :thinkingpinky:

    Britney will always be better then Madonna for me but her fans are such hypocrites and delusional people that they make you bring up things you don't want to.  :overitkbye: 

  7. This isn't even worth arguing about with someone who wasn't even BORN during Madonna's heydey. I know exactly what Madonna is about, and Like A Prayer Madonna would not be acting like this at all. 

    Like a Prayer Madonna danced around with a cross burning behind her.


    The stupidity is real.  :disagreewitchu: 

  8. The point I was trying to make was people come and see Britney for the same reasons they go and see Madonna. 


    It's idiots like you (as usual) that come a derail an actual conversation we're having with posts that are not even relevant to the discussion. NO ONE was talking about sales.  :yeahsure:


    Go take yourself and your raggedy necklaces back to the flea market where you belong. 

    They go to see Britney for the same reasons they see Madonna yet Madonna has dragged Britney in tour sales since the beginning. Not even a comeback tour could take Madonna's tour sales down. So I guess her "desperation" works for her. Britney should take some tips like she did in the beginning of her career, because at this point, she desperately needs it.


    And yes, we are having a conversation about Madonna's behavior... It's not my fault your ratchet ass can't comprehend what Madonna is and will ALWAYS be about. People called her desperate 20 years ago, and they will continue to label her desperate - she is obviously getting people talking and doing her job while your fave is decades younger and doing some Vegas residency. Hypocrites disgust me.


    And if anyone is desperate, it's not Madonna, it's you. Talking to me about flea market necklaces because I posted a fashion thread with a necklace that I thought would be cool for Britney to wear. And it wasn't even the actual necklace I wanted her to wear, just an overall idea of what I wanted it to look like. And you know that too, you're just a pathetic piece of sh!t that throws around made-up insults out of desperation because you can't argue to save your life.


    You're dismissed now. Get in line irrelevant one. You smell of desperation and fail.   :queenflopga:

  9. Building that legacy up?! With each decade, she has become less respectable.


    Yeah, her tour sales are thriving - the same reason why Britney's are. Why? Cos she's considered a nostalgia act, people will pay for her name alone, not because they want to see her perform her new sh!t. That's the one thing MDNA got slated for, no one knew the new stuff.  :zoomzoom:


    But as I said, no one here is talking about sales. You should really try and understand what the topic of conversation is before you butt your ugly self in and make silly remarks. 

    Britney's tour sales are thriving that's why she was struggling to sell tickets and had to decrease ticket sales by the end of the Femme Fatale tour


    Now she's in Vegas with less then half of the amount of seats and tickets to sell


    And I know what this topic is about, your ratchet ass needs to realize what MADONNA is about, and always has been about, and stop commenting on people you don't understand with your simple-minded brain  :zoomzoom:

  10. No one is talking about her sales hen, we're talking about her legacy, which she seems hell bent on ruining.  :zoomzoom:

    Her legacy is all about being on top, pushing buttons and not caring about what society thinks.


    If anything, she is building that legacy up. It's a miracle that at her age she's still around, slaying lives and getting bigger tour sales then women two to three decades younger then her.