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  1. Agree completely. Oops is classic but too childish. Baby is more rhythmic and can still listen to it today without feeling cringey.
  2. I love the video actually, I think the problem is that fans rightfully thought the song deserved much better.
  3. They're both Queen B's - Beyonce has always showed love for Britney and even went to her Piece of Me show (probably for some "inspiration" lol) but no reason to pit them against each other. They're both legends in their own right, but Beyonce will never have Britney's story, it will be interesting to see how history remembers them 10-15 years from now.
  4. I actually love this song. It's super-cute.
  5. This country is already drowning in debt, we do not have the money, just like other nations that are poorer than we are, no one in this country is getting richer except for the 1%ers. "When you see a child starving to death with a distended belly, covered in flies, essentially powerless—politically, economically, educationally, nutritionally, legally—it may seem so far off, it could be another planet. Their misery comes from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Fed, the Bank of International Settlements because their governments accepted “aid” which turned out to be debt at interest so severe they can never hope to dig themselves out. I don’t believe the vast majority of Americans are that far off since our government has been accepting “fake money” as debt from the same banking cartels, the very same affliction on under-developed and exploited countries."
  6. You don't need to give your life story to validate your opinion because it's kind of irrelevant. We're talking about facts. Halsey is not the first person to make this assertion. Our handling and response to the coronavirus is another thing to add to the list that kind of speaks for itself.
  7. No offense, but have you lived any of the situations in the US she is referring to? Like, crime on the west side of Chicago, communities living in absolute poverty, cities with no clean drinking water? Yes, there are a lot of places in the US that are not that different from a third-world country. We might not be chopping people's heads off, but we lag behind the developed world.
  8. She looks soooooo good! So young, so natural, so normal! All it really takes is brushing her hair and taking care of her skin. I know she's been in a conservatorship, but this quarantine (and probably Sam) is doing her a lot of good.
  9. I've been a fan since 98 as well and have to disagree. There's too much romanticizing of Britney's mental state during that era and performance. She honestly should not have been on that stage at all, she wasn't ready, and considering all the backlash she got after while going through many personal struggles, I'm kind of surprised no one foresaw what could've happened. I would've cancelled it just from the rehearsal. It's almost ironic in some ways, given the song title and lyrics from Gimme More.
  10. It was too disappointing in so many ways. I think expectations were high, it was a great song, it was Britney's return to the stage. It could've been decent without the ratchet hair, losing her nail, tripping at the beginning, looking dazed and confused and the super unflattering angles that made her look bigger than she was - it's impossible to look past these things. Aesthetically, in terms of the stage setup, background dancers and how the choreo was supposed to go, sensual and seductive like the above clip, it would've been hot.
  11. This song is still a bop. Doesn't get played out. Brit killed the video, too. Surprised this song gets some hate here and there.
  12. I hope so! It's time for a change and good management. Mood Ring is such a vibe. I'm here for RnB-ritney!
  13. Very well said, B. You can tell she put a lot of thought into every single word.
  14. For me, I'll go with the most disappointing videos. Videos that I had high expectations for and could've/should've been much better, and almost ruin the song, or don't elevate it. 1.) Radar 2.) Piece of Me 3.) Make Me or 3
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