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  1. Selfish ... check Self-absorbed ... check Opportunistic ... check You nailed it!
  2. Love Normani but I agree some of her poses are awkward and too tense. Still gorgeous though.
  3. This is great! Very Britney. Man on the Moon is still a fave, too! Glory had the potential to be such a dope era for her. Still my favorite album but seems like a missed opportunity in some ways.
  4. I don't think Brit ever said they didn't kiss in rehearsals. I remember Christina saying they never open mouth kissed in rehearsals and being pissed that Brit did that live and stole the show.
  5. Beyonce in the top 10 makes me think twice but I guess when you consider impact and popularity, Beyonce has been releasing music videos for just about every song she releases since B'Day, on top of her music films like Lemonade and Black Is King, I do think she is deserving of being in the top 10. The problem with her, is that with all the videos she releases very few, if any, in my opinion are iconic. Destiny's Child did not deserve a mention, none of their videos are that special.
  6. I think its very unrealistic to objectively say that Camila and Normani have not had success since going solo. Regardless, of how you feel about them, they have found success. Longevity is something else entirely and Normani hasn't even released a debut album but she was featured on two back to back #1 Pop hits and has a lot of industry support, endorsements and deals already. In context, compared to their other group members, and new acts in general, they have done very well.
  7. Maybe I should've worded it differently. They were trying to give everyone a chance to shine, but even back in X-Factor as far as the formations Lauren was usually in the center and led the vocals, more than the others. It wasn't until Reflection and particularly Sledgehammer, that they pushed a bit more for Camila being a "lead". From that point, she clearly had most of the lead vocals. I think perhaps Normani is a bit of a perfectionist and they're waiting for the right timing and trying to find the right sound for her. I'm not sure if there is ever a perfect time that you can plan, I'm sure they weren't expecting COVID and now, who knows when her debut will be released. I do think Lauren has a shot at success and she has a better idea of who she wants to be as an artist compared to Camila and Normani. Camila definitely needs to find an identity however, I can't criticize too much because she has had a lot of success since she's gone solo, especially compared to the others (with Normani being the exception). I just don't see it for Dinah, unfortunately and Ally if she plays her cards right I'm sure can have a decent career (guest vocals on dance tracks, Nickelodeon theme songs, EPs and/or single releases) but not major pop success. I actually really like her song, Look At Us Now, fun-vibe and dancey.
  8. Because Camila was what made the group POP in the first place. Even back during their X Factor performances, they tried the "Lauren as lead" front and center mix. X-Factor (Lauren as lead): Their first EP with "Miss Movin On" was a minor success, considering they didn't even win X-Factor, and I think was more success than they bargained for at the time, and won them a small but hardcore fanbase. Even then, post-Miss Movin On, with Reflection. They tried Normani as lead with "BO$$" - I adore Normani, but they achieved their first true pop success with Sledgehammer, where Camila was finally front and center, and the lead, and it seemed like they got it right. Camila just has that extra bit of sass...and is more distinctive than the rest (with the exception of Normani). Sledgehammer (sassy Camila as lead): Worth It (Camila sang most of the vocals and is in the center of most performances) Once Camila was pushed to the front a bit more with the formation and vocals (which they started to do on Reflection) they saw more chart success.
  9. I love this song and video. Christina knows how to deliver and is gold when she works with producers that don't let her get her way (i.e. oversinging).
  10. PERIOD! He makes Britney happy! When's the last we've heard her giggle like a freakin schoolgirl all the time? She loves him and she's said it before, and I believe her. I just hope he truly loves her. Edit: Do fans like any of Britney's love interests? The favorite seems to be the one that tried to ruin her.... Justin.
  11. You don't think JT was trying to mooch off Britney? I mean, I thought it was the consensus among fans that he used Britney to launch and accelerate his career. Would he have reached the level he did if it wasn't for: 1.) Cry Me A River 2.) Selling her out and talking about their ***-life post-breakup 3.) What Goes Around, Comes Around 4.) Just being linked to her in general He also didn't really care when asked about her breakdown while he was on Oprah. I think he was just like, I haven't talked to her in years, I don't know her, I wish her well. (i.e. "it's what she deserves") Justin has a history of selling women out (see Janet). Out of any of her exes, I think he used her the most. K-Fed would be a close second.
  12. Her and Sam are a good match. I really hope they last. For some reason, I don't see them ever getting married but just keeping it the way it is now.
  13. She looked sooooooo good here. One of her best looks ever, honestly. Hair (check), dress (check), face (check), accessories! (check)
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