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  1. We are not bullying we are expressing our feelings towards her behaviour and today a song of glory came up on my playlist and that video came to my mind instantly, putting me off of her latest music. It has impact on me that's why I need to express my feelings on her behaviour and latest posts on social media.
  2. This is not working in her favour at all... I don't care what the public thinks about her, but I'M creeped out by these posts. I mean we had that Britney for decades in interviews and marketing campaigns and thought it would just be her being nervous or not concentrated. But she's acting like this also in private life, like a robot on overcharge.
  3. Concerning What is running through her head, instead of clearing the air what is going on behind closed curtains she posts about shitty haters.
  4. On the other hand, she is a countryside kid w/o good education.... what do you expect her limited mind to grasp and process? The spears family would be rednecks if it wasn´t for britney
  5. Hot as ice was fire as demo version without the high pitch. And in the zone (my favourite album) aged like your milk too big still,I think it or something new to the table at least for someone like Britney.
  6. They have the stems they have everything they need to pull liveney off. I wonder whether it really was a money decision...
  7. Wow, I forgot how much g eazy messed up his lines But can't judge him on that, when Britney lipsynced her own CD vocals but prepared prerecorded vocals for a song that isn't even hers..... We should be proud she didn't just lipsync along to the CD vocals of MMAI
  8. Okay that makes sense, sry for misunderstanding
  9. I like that idea, but the estate handlers are his kids and next family members. They would not cut back on their expenses in favour of clean buying the name of their father/family member. And it could be seen as a hidden guilt acceptance that even though all family members denied ever having had the single doubt he did what he was accused of they believe the accusations. It would lead to another storm of outrage and put things into the wrong perspective.
  10. Yes, I think someone's music with such a history and such a reputation should be banned. The problem for me is, where to draw the line, go after public reception of the case or the court outcome? R. Kelly, Dr Luke, MJ have all been cleared of all charges. Yet there's a sour after taste that makes me despise listening to music of either of them. And suddenly all of them, even though sentenced not guilty find themselves in the same hot mess again. MJ is a special case though as he's dead. But I don't really get it. There was hype for his tour, his dead was glorified in the US as if all the bad stuff didn't happen and now he's fallen from grace again because of a documentary? The hypocrisy of it all, they will ban his music for a few years. Then there'll be demand, they will unban his music until the next documentary and so on..
  11. I remember she told a story like that, but I don't think it was a Facebook group. There were just many people in her life and courses that did not want her to succeed. I wished we could just Stan for our idols without putting fandoms against each other. It's pathetic, just like this thread
  12. As long as I don't have to hear work bitch unremixed and in fill length ever again
  13. As I pointed out, it is for me. There's a spark that never goes out with that song. This is the only song on glory that sounds finished from adlibs to changing bridge.
  14. Best to worst -Make Me Still haven´t skipped this song once in my playlist and I´ll write this in every thread as a winter lead release it would have worked. Love that the song finally has a structure and builds constantly (unlike many Glory songs) - Me Against The Music - Gimme More - Hold It Against Me generic but catchy - (Slave 4 U, Oops, BOMT) Can´t really rate them, wasn´t a stan then and I find it hard to rate songs I haven´t "performed" for weeks in my room imagining choreo and stuff nor going through the motions of hearing a song for the first time - Womanizer generic and repetitive - Work Bitch womanizer 2.0 on speed
  15. Work bitch is my nightmare lead single, I don't care if it became iconic for her. It's an abomination.
  16. I find it fishy Britney does not even seem to be with her dad since the announcement
  17. My perfect GLORY era would have started with Do you wanna come over as proper commercial single and proper cool lyric video. Could have been the perfect opener for the new era. Then a remixed Slumber party release (more bass, more EDM influence) with an interlude of invitation in the video. See what I did there DYWCO -> SP it makes sense The album holds enough singles for the summer -> Change your mind, Just luv me, Better etc And Make me would have fit so perfectly for the winter, I tell you these whale sounds and even the tacky video could have worked as a kind of christmas season song. People are more forgiving in the holiday season, maybe hey would have forgiven that mess of a video. The outro of the Era could go to Private show (ofc not the chipmunks mess the song is now) or man on the moon (even though I don´t think it is in any way commercial enough to be successful, but maybe fan service)
  18. I'm quite sure that's why she is leaning towards this sound. For exposure.
  19. everything Britney does these days would just look so out of image for her. Her personality reflects songs like the first album meets I wanna go the chipmunks song.....
  20. Britney's future has already been determined by the questionable career choices she made since xfactor. Everything except POM was a fast cashout, she hasn't had endorsement deals that stick for longer in almost a decade. Being a face for one fashion line for one shoot, jumping in and out of deals like she or her team are incapable of pulling through with made contracts... It leaves a bad taste for all involved parties. And on a music and artistic side, she has not been consistent in any way either. LaChapelle, Iggy, producers... It's like team B gets on board and suddenly the ship sinks and Britney stands there unbothered by any of it on her little Isle of fluffy unicorns asking for the next vacancy. She's the epitomy of clueless when it's about her path and her career that she's so obnoxious about. Behind the scenes I'm absolutely sure, she and her team are flagged as not easy to work with by several parties including her record label.
  21. Promo performances were great, haw even got quite much radio streaming here in Germany. But the album is lacking depth and dumb blond is a bad banger on an album about freedom and life of choice.
  22. I hope you have someone in your life who measures you by your mistakes and not accomplishments
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