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  1. pieceof15yearold*loveyall

    other How Iconic Is TRL 2003 Promo Performance?

    And let's not forget team Britney did not dub it on the in the zone DVD, like they did with ABC special. Love that performance, that is adult Britneys peak for me. The confidence, the perkiness in the interview before the performance, the casualness... If this part of Britney would have survived somehow I'd be so happy for her to rediscover it, not because of her performance abilities but for the sake of her personality back then.
  2. So if i were to rip apart all the excitement due to the ICON and QUEEN and IT´S BRITNEY BITCH AFTERALL nonsense this is delusional from first to last sentence. But erverybody is entitled to their own opinion
  3. pieceof15yearold*loveyall

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    Toxic performance must be the least choreographed bit of the show. And I don't understand because the tree was only relevant the first half minute.
  4. Well Gaga is only working on 3 albums and getting ready for movie release and Vegas residency XD But I agree Britney giving us one of the hardest breakdowns since 2008 is a thing
  5. Love her, but she's too real for the shallow TV industry...
  6. pieceof15yearold*loveyall

    tour My take on POM tour!

    Yeah sure, her influence on pom music wise: Most likely Missy Elliot breakdown, I mean who else would be so random? Tour: Walk it like I talk it breakdown in slave and probably most of the armography wears her signature
  7. pieceof15yearold*loveyall

    tour Meet & Greet pics from Oslo - August 10 (x12)

    I think this would count as improvement though
  8. pieceof15yearold*loveyall

    exhale Could you have imagined this 15 years ago??

    Yet she always had these hand choreos which were not part of the actual choreo. They were sharp on point and part of Britney style But sure the way it is now, it's as bad as it could be done no denial in that. She's a lost soul in so many ways.... I really want to know from where she draws her power to go through the day, when she's not excelling at anything she shows the whole world.