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    other Is anyone else tired of POM?

    In all honesty the original show was perfect as far as dancing goes
  2. Fab britney

    other Is anyone else tired of POM?

    If she does vegas again she absolutely needs to put on a whole new show with new choreography. The only part I think is perf aside from lipping is everytime, I think it’s a really pretty performerance. Other than that we need new entrances, encores, switch up the album tracks she performs, include hits like born to make u happy, sometimes, lucky, radar and so on and take out tracks like boys, do somethin, touch of my hand, breath one me. A whole new wardrobe is deffffffff needed as well.
  3. Fab britney

    exhale What's Britney's more masculine perfumes?

    Honestly just believe
  4. Fab britney

    tour Mohegan Review of Britney (negative?)

    I went to Mohegan too and the show is sooooooooo much better in person!
  5. The only thing I hate about the visuals is the damn logo it’s sooooooooooo 2002 or something girly and outdated you’de find in dollar tree
  6. I hope she brings these visuals for her album since ppl pay more attention to that
  7. I’m happy I went to Mohegan cause it had a ton of ppl and it almost felt like a standard arena, it seated probably 8k ppl since it normally seats 10 k but the stage blocks off a section
  8. I think it’s the best possible seat u can have that’s not 1st row tbh
  9. I was section 26 the 5th row right next to the stage
  10. Some of y’all forgetting she has to pace herself for a 90 min show and not a 30 second insta clip, but she should deffffff be more fluid on stage with the choreo she does give us
  11. The thing is it does look shitty on ig and stuff but In person (was there last night) it all seems to work somehow in person. Like it seems like the dancing is tighter and it looks like she does a lot. Her costumes even look nicer in person. Her team probably sees this in person and says oh this is good it’ll work. It would be nice if she still performed well enough that it translated to video tho lol side note she’s also 3686799 times prettier in person.
  12. I was there too I agree with everything