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  1. That’s actually a good question the only tours I can see selling stadiums were oops and dream and I wonder that too
  2. Well it was #1 on top 40 radio so I’m not sure either. Maybe the single didn’t sell that well physically?
  3. Tbh a fan base can’t control streaming. The gp needs to be interested and constantly playing the track and having it on playlists etc. one fan base can’t make a track explode on Spotify there needs to be something that gets the attention of the gp. Halsey Ariana and evening gaga have good streaming numbers because these are singles being added to the biggest Spotify playlists that get radio play and music videos and the artists have somewhat of the gp’s interest.
  4. The audio in this televised perf doesn’t do the song justice and the lighting should’ve been like pretty girls on the bbmas that was neon themed too. I also kinda think she looks disinterested during the today show performances for 2016 britney standard at least
  5. I remember them saying she recorded a ton of songs for circus it’s just hard to believe those were the 12 best lol. Well quicksand was unused so I see it
  6. Well there’s a whole merch collection dedicated to work ***** lol
  7. Isn’t that how much it sold during the weekend? Didn’t it sell 4.5 k Friday and a lil over 1k on Saturday and Sunday?
  8. Britney should NOT be promoting a song right now! It’s not even a single! This does not MATTER! There are protests happening right now, if she is going to put her energy somewhere it should be black lives! This song was just a gift to let the fans stream it legally! Not everything is released to slay the charts
  9. U guys expected an album track that’s 4 yrs old that’s just casually made available to us to stay on top of the charts for a while? This is literally a fanfare gift lol
  10. Here’s the thing, to a degree u are right. Britney is more of an endearing pop legend to most ppl at this point and they’re not really interested in her new releases. In female pop star world 30 is usually when ppl lose interest in you and find u enrelatable. It is a lil diff for artists like Lana and Gaga cause they didn’t debut when they were 16, and Taylor has done an exceptional job of making ppl forget she’s getting older. To be honest, I don’t think chromatica exploded with the gp until she collabed with Ari. There was always hype amongst gays but tbh straight ppl seem disinterested
  11. It would basically be ff 2.0 and this fan base will just put it in her bottom 3 for being “lifeless” like they do with ff
  12. But...ff had 4 GOOD videos but the 3 amazing circus era videos>>>>>
  13. Everything in the circus era is better. She moved more on fft but it wasn’t good moving lol
  14. There’s always a diff energy around a lead single. Ppl know the difference. Look at the difference between ooh la la, pretty girls etc compared to make me
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