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  1. Found this on a new music Friday playlist - hadn’t seen it posted on here. It’s awful but I am bopping and the message is positive? Thoughts? https://open.spotify.com/track/7yspu9AAUUpd0OrJnbCnGN?si=XoWF8lhUR7mDqcQ18g20Iw
  2. Yep. And that’s precisely what’s wrong with the world...
  3. So embarrassed by those of you who are wishing she would post more "normal" things. She is not Selena, Ariana, Beyonce, she will not post curated images to maintain an image that was so publicly taken away from her. She was devoured by an industry centred around looks and hot bodies and then SPAT out. Let the woman post whatever the f she wants. And those of you who are saying "she's not okay", "why is she posting this" - "she doesn't look good" - try looking at yourself. Posting derogatory comments about a woman you don't know is a much uglier look. You can support Britney without trying to 'fix' her. F y'all
  4. Wow. why do I get the feeling this is another screengrab but from the original video?! Glory was all about the screengrabs
  5. It's a LaChapelle shot... Its a LaChapelle shot... which makes me very excited
  6. This cover was used in BBC's Luther trailer over Christmas but I just found the whole track. Could totally imagine a performance to something like this... Enjoy
  7. Charli XCX and Troye's new song 1999 (a bop) name-checks "...Baby One More Time" in the chorus. Queen of other artists celebrating her anniversary.
  8. Surely it’s more of an indication that she does suffer with mental health problems, BECAUSE of being in the industry. It could easily be anxiety manifesting itself in some degree. Never diminish someone else’s battle with anxiety, just because it doesn’t sound as extreme as some other cases. Regarding the OP - I agree, she sings so well when she does. Will always bug me when James messes up Womanizer and puts Britney off, making it look like she forgot the words...
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