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  1. Ooh, looks like we’re alone now You ain’t gotta be scared we’re grown now
  2. Hold it against me (robots with rayguns remix) Touch of my hand (Bill hamel club remix) everytime (Valentin remix) circus (diplo remix) breathe on me (Jaques LuCon’ts mix) Chris Cox megamix Piece of Me (Böz o lö remix) If u seek Amy (crookers remix)
  3. I like in the zone and oops the best. Never been a big fan of the “Britney” font. I think it’s the “B”. I think it would have looked better in lowercase.
  4. Troye Sivan - Dance to This Lea Michelle - Run to You Hilary Duff - Fly, Come Clean, With Love One Direction - Night Changes Camilla Cabello - All These Years
  5. 1. Mood Ring 2. Breathe On Me 3. Early Mornin 4. Break the Ice 5. Touch of My Hand 6. Just Like Me 7. Better 8. Unusual You 9. Blur 10. Outta this World 11. And then we Kiss 12. Coupure Èlectrique
  6. Did you have any interaction with Britney while working on the song? Did she provide any commentary on Mood Ring?
  7. Glory is so overrated. It has some jams but it lacks something that “Britney,” “In the Zone,” and “Blackout” each have. These albums felt necessary in Britney’s career. Glorys sound blends in too much with other music released during that time. It felt extremely safe. Would have been better as an EP of about 6 or 7 tracks.
  8. What U See (Is What U Get) Can’t Make You Love Me Let Me Be Shadow I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun) Big Fat Bass Now That I Found You Just Like Me Better
  9. There’s no question the majority of Britney’s interviews post-2008 have been lackluster. Team B, and likely Britney herself, are extremely reluctant to speak up about the more controversial moments that have unfolded in Britney’s life and career. While I’d love to hear her thoughts on “Rebellion” or offer up her views of the conservatorship, the likelihood of this is undeniably scant. With this in mind, what are three “Team B” approved questions you’d like Britney to answer? I’ll start. Overall, I would really like to hear her be more self-reflective on her career. 1. Of all your albums, which is your favorite/least favorite, and why? 2. What would you regard as the highest achievement of your career? 3. What are your three favorite/least favorite non-single tracks from your music catalogue?
  10. I haven’t listened to much Gaga lately, which is crazy because her discography is beyond impressive and none of her music, IMO, sounds dated. My favorites from each album are: The Fame - Paparazzi The Fame Monster - Bad Romance (her best song to date imo) Born this Way - Heavy Metal Lover ARTPOP - ARTPOP Joanne - Million Reasons Honorable mentions: The Edge of Glory, Perfect Illusion & Bad Kids
  11. I don’t come on here much anymore, but don’t people find it strange that her literacy and grammar have completely deteriorated? Has this been discussed at all? If it is Britney posting, it’s strange because she used to be much more eloquent when posting on her website back in the day. If it is her posting then this could be a sign that she does indeed have something serious going on mentally.
  12. My Only Wish This Year Its an underrated Christmas pop staple that deserved more promo.
  13. It’s been eating you up that she needs a makeover? Really? Let her be. She likes her makeup styled this way. Fans are lucky to get anything from her when people are consistently picking a part every little detail down to an eyelash.
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