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  1. Went to the show tonight. Was okay... Britney looks phenomenal. She came out and it was def  star effect in full. I like that her outfits shine a different way in person. Her dancers are amazing! All of them are HOT. I was watching them more because they have better choreo. Britney does the boob explosions and taps and I was dying thinking about exhale. She does a lot of moves the same over and over... but her energy is sexy and she is great. New choreography PLEASE. 

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  2. This seems very real and a very good explanation of well EVERYTHING! Seems britney probably WANTED adnan to do that interview to maybe explain to people her circumstances atm. Maybe she really is going to be free in the next few years! Her creativity and ray of lite may be coming!!! This whole article seemed like a autobiography or a memoir. 


    if he truly reunited her and Jamie I could see him allowing adnan and B to keep communication just so adnan could know she is ok...

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  3. 14 hours ago, Rickey3089 said:

    I agree the video in the beginning has a vibe especially in that basement with her and the dancers it was a perfect setting, but let’s be real once she’s upstairs with the dudes lifting weights & her throwing a tv out the window that’s when I go wtf ?how do this scene even be match with scene in the basement it just was so random & that’s what mess it up for me, however the basement is everything!!!

    But that’s ART, how boring would it be if we never had to Use our brains to think about what some things (the tv thrown) were supposed to actually represent? David is a true artiste and the weirdness has a reason a goal in the end game.