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  1. Coopy

    other Britney in her real life

    No her face is perfection. If she had a great makeup artist she could look like 2003 Britney .. I forgot to say that I saw her in person in the big apple circus tent for her GMA performance with my friends. She looked soooooo amazing.
  2. Coopy

    other Britney in her real life

    Very thin, perfect body in person.. I saw her at circus and she was like a sporty gym body with flawless tan skin and blonde hair. She looked super young. Then I saw her in person for Pom and she is a lot more pale but flawless smooth skin and she’s very skinny now. Her black eyeshadow in person almost hides her natural features and she looks more gothic
  3. Coopy

    rumor New Britney Blind?

    Def about Mariah or Demi
  4. I didn’t think body ache had any Britney vocals at all
  5. Coopy

    exhale Should Britney try microblading?

    Honestly I think she should but with the luck of past events it would mean Britney would come out with the weirdest shaped brows with micro blading. She would probably go to a place next to a dollar store in Sherman oaks and come out with Jeffree star brows or something. My friend had microblading done and it’s kind of a hassle. You have to go back for touch ups because there’s parts that fell out and sh!t.. idk if you are a person like xtina and can keep up with the maintenance that comes after the fact then all for it but Britney would never
  6. Britney was beautiful and so hot at the time.. the original make me was exactly wht I wanted from her and I love the video. And I know there will be haters who say it didn’t make sense and was vile but I Wanted it to work out sooooo bad.