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  1. I really don't want them to split - they're a unique band that still has a lot to give. Having said that, I could imagine myself listening to Perrie's solo songs on repeat 24/7 - her voice shines and definitely deserves some more spotlight!
  2. Do we know if they will already be representing Britney alongside Sam Ingham tomorrow?
  3. Hey Guys! So I'm looking to order some prints to frame and hang up in my bedroom. Without getting into why, I don't want to have just any old poster and picture of my favourite artists - however I don't mind if it's not blatantly in your face. I was trying to find pictures that can showcase/reference my fav artists instead. An example of one is this for Eminem: I am struggling to find something for Britney though. Was trying to find maybe a B logo from one of her albums or something, but kinda looks a bit plain. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. Thank you! Looks promising... there's yet a documentary to capture the hardship she's really been through, so I'm hoping this is the one
  5. Not sure manager-wise tbh -- but if Britney had someone with the innovation/creativity and drive of whoever it is behind Beyonce, then I'd be happy. I think a more in-depth For The Record-type documetary/series is needed. I think she badly needs an image overhaul. Stay away from the light, bubbly, girly vibes - and go a bit more dark, raw and real. Personally, I'd love her to go (and stay) Brunette for the entire of the next era. And release music that really showcases her real voice/tone and work off that. What would be even better, is if her music touched on her personal life (even metaphorically) and ask the public to let the music speak for itself (if she didn't want to go in-depth into details of her struggles)
  6. I'm confused. So, does this mean we'll get to see some the outcome of tomorrow's hearing because it won't be sealed? Or it will be sealed?
  7. Rihanna! Hands down.... Or someone else that would garner some attention - Dua Lipa maybe?
  8. I think its because Team B just slapped the song onto an existing old album. Whereas if they treated it like a new release or "fan demanded single" - then I think it would have been added and would have got a lot more visibility
  9. I noticed this a while back - I can only access 2/3 songs from the whole album. Everything else is greyed out. So annoying, and surely there's no real reason behind it? Maybe a mistake. Either way, this needs to be fixed ASAP!
  10. Another question I have, and something that slightly gets to me.... was she supposed to say "OOPS" at the end? Because she ended up saying "OOH, I did it again!" Either way... ICONIC!!
  11. What a great performance!! I always wondered... is that her grunting at 3:17? If hope so, cos i want to belive it is haha. Love that part
  12. OMG, no! Please don't give up, I can already tell by that 1 minute that it's gonna be amazing. We really are missing a video like this that summarises everything in the one place. It also helps that all the commentary are from reputable sources and famous faces - it could really draw attention and make people underrstand the situation better. Hope you find the passion to start this again, I can tell it would be worth it
  13. I never heard anything about Britney and Jojo. Can you share me the whatever details you have on this please?
  14. Is anyone willing to add to this thread? I'm finding it very hard to gather all the Facts and Stories in one place. Especially the stories from people who've interacted with Britney herself (e.g. David LaChapelle, the guy who shot a video of her with the green screen etc.)
  15. I honestly think this was her beauty peak, and it hurts that we have so little Photoshoots, Music Videos, Professional Recordings etc. from that time (2009). I mean look at the 2 pics on the 2nd row - and the middle pic on the last row. STUNNING!!
  16. She looked AMAZING! The only thing missing from that night are a few pics of her with other big celebs.. From what I remember all we got were G-Eazy, Bebe Rexha and Kim K?
  17. I always think the exact same thing when I watch that performance. Demi must have been like "Who dis? This isn't the shy/awkward woman I used to sit next to"
  18. Where did the BTS pic of the first one (in Pink) come from?
  19. I miss these late night talk shows! It's the only time you really get to see her unedited (even though it is - but less than other interviews where they chop and change everything). Really wish she would do some around now - just to talk about it being the 20-year anniversary and also help boost Domination sales
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