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  1. There’s two more parts on YouTube. It really is a great film and the actress who plays Judy is a spitting image of her.
  2. Honestly the movie “life with Judy Garland: me and my shadows” is a much better film that really captures “Judy” the Renae movie doesn’t quiet do it justice for me. You really see the full picture of what she went through (from being starved, drugged, belittled, getting married to get away from her controlling mother, and getting taken advantage of) it’s such a tragic story of someone who was one of the greatest talents MGM studios ever had.
  3. I’ve said so many times how Britney reminds me so much of Judy in so many ways. Both have those sad big eyes and were taken advantage of by the people they were supposed to trust.
  4. This guy cries on his tik tok every night about people only following him for free Britney stuff and not for “him” like he isn’t like able and can’t do his brows so why would anyone follow him for that? We already have a James Charles. He gets one hit tik tok and cries about us telling him to make more Britney videos. I had to unfollow him because it was just all too dramatic.
  5. How did I miss that? What were people saying was wrong with it?
  6. It’s so unfair it’s literal perfection.
  7. Britney looked amazing early 2017 and even in the summer! I think with the exception of a few events she looked amazing.
  8. I’m sad that her team thinks it’s appropriate to share these. We already know everything she posts has to be approved. The whole Britney Spears story is disgusting.
  9. If this movement never started they would have milked her dry just like Judy Garland. I hope they’re paying her taxes!
  10. I’m glad it isn’t just me that stopped paying attention to him.
  11. I don’t know but I love the toxic part of it! Wish it sounded like that when she preformed it!
  12. It doesn’t surprise me that Britney doesn’t remember some points of her life. That picture of her and Ricky lasted maybe 2 seconds, she was probably being pushed all over and taking pictures with so many people that it’s all a blur. one thing for sure is she’s got anxiety through the roof!
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