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  1. I love how after all these years we are turning into xtina fans. We really believe Britney is working on something. for all we know Britney is going to retire.
  2. Where were they when we all broke the #freebritney? Exactly keeping quiet collecting money from team Con.
  3. @jennyj Don't just down vote me and move on. What I said isn't far fetched or incorrect. Donald Trump IS a racist.
  4. That doesn't make sense to me though, Most of us are fans of Britney, not the Britney that is plastered on her cd covers or on stage but the person. If the person Britney Jean Spears votes trump doesn't that go against everything she stands for? her primary fanbase these days are of LGBTQ... It just doesn't make sense to me that she would be ok with anything he spews. HOWEVER, I do hate this cancel culture so I do agree with you. It is ridiculous that we care. IF Britney is a trumper, then I would rather her keep politics out of anything social or media related. She can keep that to herself and I am FINE with that
  5. People don't hate Donald Trump because he is a Republican, people hate Donald Trump because he is a racist... By all means like and vote for whoever you want but if you are liking or standing for Donald then you are approving what he stands for which is NO good for any american unless you're uncultured and a small minded racist.
  6. Britney is fighting for her life, she needs to be present and tell the Judge just what she is going through and how much her isolation has affected her everyday well being. Britney didn't become anxious overnight. This was caused by years of neglect and isolation in her own home. Not being able to have relationships or a normal life. The courts need to hear that from Britney herself and her lawyer needs to prep her for possible questioning. Britney is a SMART woman, she might not come across that way, but she is. She is educated and reads a lot. She is just being subjected to a narrative that fits that of team CON.
  7. I want to believe Ingram is doing right by doing so much wrong. I really do believe an actual company that handles huge corporations is better fit than Jamie regardless of sams motives. I just want Britney to be free of all the torture and the pain she’s been under all these years.
  8. I want it only for the cover. It would have made a perfect actual cover!
  9. I still think they had something to do with the death of her dr. Maybe he was going to come forward in favor of Britney, who knows. I do know I don’t trust Jamie, Lou, or anyone affiliated with them.
  10. Is he still around or did he run away when things started to unravel?
  11. I think all these people who have been on Britney’s Payroll and posts these absurd messages are annoying. Say something or dont. You’re not helping the situation being all “mysterious” and once Britney is free of everything she’s going to cut out all the ones who manipulated and scared her into doing things she didn’t want to do and right now all these “quiet” people are looking a little fake to me.
  12. Perez hates the Britney community because we hate him. He has no real reason to be against us but because we tear him apart every time he opens his fugly mouth it hurts him so he feels like he has to attack us so he can feel some what better about his ****ty self.
  13. Am I the only one that doesn’t believe that shirt is from Morocco?
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