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  1. I was just about to say, she definitely has a phone. I think she’s probably always had one, but as to whether it’s still monitored.. who knows.
  2. Please don’t do the missing persons thing. As messed up as her situation is, I don’t think it’s anywhere near that sinister. The key to making this movement work is to be logical and stick to what we know. It’s important that we also care for ourselves, too. Don’t put yourself in any kind of compromising positions. We all need to breathe. Rest. Live our lives. It doesn’t mean this is over. Just be logical about the decisions you make over this.
  3. @CrystalDorris @nels64 I think on behalf of her entire fanbase, THANK YOU for what you’re doing here. It’s just the beginning, but I hope this will take the fight to the next level. It’s quite beautiful that through this, almost her entire fan base is uniting.
  4. I can’t recall if she was around during Femme Fatale but she definitely came back during Circus. There was some really nice photos of Britney and her from the tourbook that were genuinely heartwarming I think she worked with the Jonas Brothers while Britney wasn’t touring/performing.
  5. She’s always been a great friend/older sister type for Britney, and truly one of the most genuine people. It helps that she doesn’t come from the industry, too. She just tagged along from her first era and helped out. It’s encouraging to me that she’s still involved with her career, but I she seems like the type of person who would have no time for her management and these Lou Taylor disciples that work alongside them.
  6. I feel Felicia would still be Britney’s assistant if she had any say over that. But Fe doesn’t seem to live in California, and I’m sure the last thing she wants is to be subjected to whatever restrictions or monitoring is required to be a part of Brit’s “inner circle”. I think they are still close, but there’s a lot that has changed.
  7. I don’t, but I’m guessing she allows fan follows judging by her follower numbers.
  8. Her newer (private) Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/mississippifefe/
  9. Fe has a private Instagram, I think it's something like @mississippife
  10. I think that ended a few years back. Maybe she has some stories to tell about him, too
  11. It also need to be directed at those who have worked with Britney in the past, people like Miley have a huge impact and following that can only help further the movement.
  12. This Free Britney banner needs something added underneath that specifies this is about her conservatorship, too - not just the facility stay. It's great that it's getting press and media attention, but there's a much bigger picture here that might get missed.