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  1. Writers: Joseph Belmatti, Britney Spears, Balewa Muhammed, Cutfather Producer: Cutfather So, the “original” version of Guilty was one of my favorite unreleased tracks - the one thing I didn’t care for was the vocal production, and how the lyrics were almost inaudible at certain points. The Guilty Kiss version that leaked a couple years back fixed that issue, as well as sampling Prince’s Kiss. Most of the comments I’ve seen on YouTube seem to suggest fans prefer Guilty Kiss to the remix (which apparently played at a fashion show in 2004). The lyrics are strong, and her vocals have a lot of attitude, which is why I prefer the vibe of Guilty - the sound is just much darker and fitting. What do you think? [Verse 1] You're always too busy Why don't you come with me? Don't act like you don't hear me Neglected You're guilty He noticed no one was with me I started getting so friendly He told me I was too pretty I flirted I'm guilty [Pre-Chorus] I had no reason to lie I told you a thousand times I needed you by my side But you were nowhere to be found [Chorus] But you pushed your luck When you stood me up Now it's all messed up (forgive me) But you went too far when you broke my heart and I found my guy I'm guilty And if losing you is what I gotta do to satisfy all my needs Then I guess that makes me Guilty [Verse 2] Stop pointing the finger I warned you, you were in danger It's true i'm nobody's angel Convict me, i'm guilty He worked it, so perfect Not like I did it on purpose The verdict was worth it He kissed me, i'm guilty [Bridge] Cause i've done cried Did nothing wrong That's why I decided to sing in a song about Love making Girls heart breaking I was out cheating Screaming That dude, he wasn't planned My god, it was outta my hands How do you sit there and say i'm filthy When you're the one who made me Guilty
  2. Alexa

    event TRL: Total Request Live reboot?

    It’s a nice thought but honestly, I’d rather have those great memories of the glory days of Britney and TRL remain untainted.
  3. Alexa

    music 10 least streamed Britney songs on spotify

    It’s sad that this list is missing the most deserving songs of that achievement.. These are all decent, average at worst - some are pretty strong.
  4. Alexa

    video ITZ - Breathe on me live vocals

    I’m not sure.. it doesn’t sound much like her. The entire special was reportedly live in a lot of places, I just wish we’d had the undubbed version as well.