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  1. Goddess is still my favorite album of hers too.
  2. Yeah, the choreography is kind of based around the props and settings in the music video so the ball/cage thing was a good idea
  3. Bambi Awards. The choreography kind of relied on good staging, which X-Factor definitely didn't have, so it seemed like she was doing excess walking across the stage. Plus her mic was on, I think that was a nice touch for her comeback performance.
  4. The sound is really bad so I could barely understand what they were trying to say. I just heard something about the idea of her being turned off by them being black? Either way, Britney has always been inclusive - right from the start of her career, just look at the Baby video as a prime example.
  5. I'd rather her do a cover of a real William Orbit masterpiece. I've always felt Alien was in the wrong key for Britney.
  6. I wish her success, always... and I miss her in movies so much.
  7. She looks like a lovechild of Jamie Lynn and Jodie Comer
  8. Marilyn of course, and since her most recent nosejob, brunette Britney reminds me of Charisma Carpenter.
  9. I think this one is a little better, mainly when she comes out of the exaggerated nasal thing at 0:25
  10. This performance was hit and miss, but considering her lack of practice and vocal stamina - particularly through the lack of live singing in this kind of setting for the 15 years prior, it wasn't a bad performance.
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