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  1. Yup. But it wasn't started by Jordan Miller but another Jordan...I wonder what happened to him...Plus everyone thought the other Jordan was crazy for it cause it was during the Circus era
  2. Haven't seen my BF for 5 months cause of the pandemic so I kinda got into baking and he surprised with a home delivery of an apron which says '.....the Queen of baking' & a personalised recipe book.
  3. Come on, the little squirrel doesn't see the error of his ways nor is he showing any type of compassion. If the documentary never aired he would've continued pretending that he never threw Britney under the bus. He is washed up and hanging on to the last bit of revelance he has
  4. He only apologised because the GP were catching up to his ****ery. He isn't sorry and if I were Britney I'd laugh and go back to twirling on IG. A mess
  5. Omg looool No that is a police officer trying to stop trump's stans from invading the capitol
  6. Britney's c-ship is being covered on channel 4 news if any British stans are interested - it is on right now
  7. Weren't y'all calling him Osama for the last 4 years and now y'all wanna kiss his ***? The absolute 180. No wonder Britney hates her fans some of y'all ruined it for the rest of us. Lowkey racists
  8. This is so embarrassing. I feel so sorry for Britney 'cause I honestly believe she posts this and doesn't see an issue with it. Yes we all dance and do crazy ish at home but we don't show it to the world cause we know vile people manipulate it which ever way they please. It is actually gotten to the point where I don't even watch the videos cause I feel so so bad. Like second hand embarrassment bad.
  9. A mess! Tragic I can't for her to get rid of her out of date team
  10. I am NGL but this is a bop but holy **** the producer destroyed the song with all the layering and the woman wailing through it urgh
  11. Close your mouth cause it stinks? The intellectual retorts are slaying me right now Report away sis
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