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  1. I honestly don't know how she copes knowing that whatever she's doing or wherever she is, there could be a long-lens camera pointed at her snapping every single second. It'd seriously make me so paranoid!
  2. Awww, that's actually really sweet. Why has this made me cry? Lockdown has seriously made me over-emotional
  3. I love these! I loved the countless other outtakes from this shoot which leaked years ago too. Slay me, Godney!
  4. I totally forgot about this bop until I just went to binge Kylie in my iTunes library (I'm old, I don't stream ) because of this thread. Thanks @babyimmafreak90! I'd love Britney to do a video like this, even though she'd make it so cheesy!
  5. Why does everyone always forget this timeless bop? Britney needs to head in this direction, for sure!
  6. Damon

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    The feeling is overwhelmingly mutual!
  7. Damon

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    My love for you is based solely on nothing but you, Roxxy
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