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  1. Random question. Does anyone know where to find the Happy Birthday video that was made for Britney of her fans around the world wishing Britney a happy birthday?? This was probably close to 10 years ago and I think it was uploaded to YouTube in 2 parts, but I can’t find it anymore. Does anyone have this or know where to find it?? I submitted a video of me and my (at the time) 4 year old nephew wishing Britney a happy birthday and I’d like to share it with him. He’s now a teenager and I recently introduced him to the #FreeBritney movement. He ended up watching all the Deep Dive documentaries on YouTube and is now actively following the movement/ FreeBritney news. He even ordered his own #FreeBritney t-shirt online and sent me a pic of him wearing it! 🥰 Anyways, I’d really like to show him the birthday video for Britney that he starred in years ago if anyone knows where it can be found!! Thanks in advance!
  2. Another amazing remix!! 😍😍 I’d love to hear a Nick* Remix of Justin Timberlake’s LoveStoned/I Think She Knows...or some mashup of the I Think She Knows piece with a Britney song!! Years ago I made a video putting Britney music video clips to the LoveStoned/I Think She Knows music that I was super proud of at the time! This song has always made me think of Britney and how she’s got her fans LoveStoned for her...and she knows! 😉 Anyways, I’d love hearing a Nick* Remix of that song!!
  3. I thought of this too, but that video is of her filming in front of the backdrop...when Sam sneaks up on her and scares her. She is definitely filming that stuff by herself, but the dancing/gym vids are another story.
  4. Agreed! I definitely think she records the videos with the backdrop, but these of her dancing and probably the ones taken of her working out could totally be recorded and posted without her knowledge! It’s so common for dancers to dance in front of a mirrored wall and the same goes with working out in the gym! This is creeping me out!
  5. My nephew just sent this to me because he knows I’ve been following everything Britney/#FreeBritney related. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJt7a2Bc/ Anybody think this is true?? That all of Britney’s dancing videos (and probably gym videos) have been recorded secretly by the Conservatorship team via a 2-way mirror??? I wouldn’t put it past them, but also a little skeptical this could just be conspiracy rubbish. I haven’t seen this posted yet, so just curious what you all think?? https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJt7a2Bc/
  6. Disclaimer: Hey Y’all, it’s Britney! My music/content is for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for younger audiences...I am not your child’s babysitter!! ;-p Love, Britney
  7. Interesting!! Is that also inspiration for Britney’s ICONIC #BreatheHeavy ‘s throughout the song??...those **** #Exhale ‘s she does! It sounds like breathing towards the end of that Grace Jones song you linked above. Did you notice that?? On another note, maybe I’m a bad gay?? But I don’t know who Grace Jones is...is there special significance to Grace Jones? Curious about your interpretation of this. Merry Christmas, B-Army!!
  8. Same with me! I’ve only listened to it a few times, but the past few days I’ve realized I’ve been singing it in my head subconsciously. Very weird.
  9. @JackSProductions Is this James?? Did I just see you on Sl04n’s YouTube Channel from Britney’s Birthday? Around the 25 minute mark... If so, you’re such a cutie! 😉 And I want to see your Blackout Photoshoot!!!
  10. What if there is evidence in this accounting that exposes the alleged shady and unauthorized transfer of $600+ million into Stonebridge!?!?? Maybe Dec 21, 2019 was when they initiated the process, because I think it was early 2020 when That Surprise Witness (BJ) found that Stonebridge acquired that extremely large intake of money. Maybe they want to seal this accounting so the FBI “Free Britney Investigators” aren’t able to get the information potentially contained within this accounting which could lead to the Smoking Gun Evidence!! With all the investigating the fans have been conducting into the Conservatorship and Team Britney, they must be afraid of the fans uncovering additional evidence that could lead to the complete downfall of the Conservatorship and potentially be used to prosecute Jamie Spears, TriStar/Stonebridge, and most importantly, Lou Taylor!!
  11. Obviously just jumping on the Britney bandwagon for the views to promote his channel at Britney’s expense like everyone else who uses Britney for personal gain. “Karen” sent a disgusted e-mail to Hollywood Unlocked and also reported the video to YouTube. He actually called her a mentally ******** person! 😤🤬🤢
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