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  1. I remember this version sooooo well... jammed to it ALL the time back in the day! ❤️ The beginning is such a tease and always ramps me up so much!! I’d love to see the other videos you speak of!
  2. Have you seen this!?? I love it soooo much!!! They did a great job re-creating some iconic Britney music video moments!! Willam actually has a really good singing voice. It’s immediately a catchy song since it’s borrowing from Britney’s catalog.
  3. That is SO Britney! You can hear the Britney inflections in her voice and laugh...no clue how this got out, but I love hearing her without her guard up... So cute.
  4. 2007 was my favorite...bringing back so many memories!!! 🥰
  5. She now has 6 of the Top 10 Music Videos on iTunes! AND...Womanizer is is the #11 spot! ICONIC!!!
  6. Yes!!! Love that one! And speaking of covers, I’ve always loved that cover of You Got It All she recorded years ago!
  7. With everything that has happened with the re-release of Mood Ring and how it’s soared to the #1 spot...I’m curious what other Britney songs you think should be re-explored as singles?? Personally, I would LOVE to be involved in some kind of #JusticeFor movement for the songs Unusual You and Just Luv Me. These are two songs I think could have been major successes with the general public as singles and I just wish they’d get their chance to shine and climb the charts. So many missed opportunities!! What does everyone else think? What other Britney songs do you think got overlooked?? #JusticeForUnusualYou #JusticeForJustLuvMe
  8. Wow!!! This is sooooo good!! Anyway you’d make the downloads available for Exhale or Exhale+ users? I’d love to add this to my library! 😍
  9. This is hilarious!! 😂🤣 It has always been a pet peeve of mine when people use the wrong spelling of Britney...but this takes things to a WHOLE new level! 🤯
  10. The Slave 4 U choreography and the dance break in Overprotected are such iconic Britney moments...love them both soooo much! Where did the “Now Watch Me” ears come from in the Slave 4 U choreography? Is there any significance or meaning behind it?
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