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  1. Seriously. She has been stable for a very long time. The breakdown ended in 2008. It is now 2020. She's capable of making tens of millions of dollars a year by recording successful albums and touring the world, yet is unfit to take care of her basic needs? Perhaps when both of her sons are 18, they can no longer be used as leverage to keep her from petitioning to end it. Maybe then she will finally break free from this cage.
  2. Ouch. Someone start a petition. That mustache has got to go.
  3. Yes!! It's a bop for sure. Video is fire as well. If Britney had done a video like this y'all would be slayed.... Don't deny it. Ready for this dance anthem album.
  4. I didn't know their relationship was strained. What happened between them? Too much Nicole and not the other dolls? Same!! Very excited for this album for that reason. Hoping Gaga does something similar too.
  5. Her southern accent really comes out in the first interview. A sign of being totally relaxed on camera. No accent in the more recent interview. She was especially medicated during FF and X Factor, so I'm not surprised. Her interviews from 2016 seemed more relaxed though. Definitely a recent peak for her.
  6. I mean, before, the section for other artists was mostly dead. The layout of the site now, with new topics and news coming to the top of the Britney Section has caused more activity for other artists. I find myself reading, posting in and checking for these threads now. I'm not the only one either. As a user, I think this is going to be key to your transition. BTW, I fully support your transition into a general pop forum. I think that Britney is semi retired now, so I don't blame you for wanting to start discussing other artists as well.
  7. Not sure why Nicole's solo career never really took off. Had all the elements for success. Anyway, glad to see PCD back together. React is a bop. Love the video as well.
  8. Agree. She has talent and deserves more success than she has had recently. Started is still one of my most played songs lately. Also love **** It Up. Both bops.
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