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    other Remember when Britney drew her abs on

    Looks like she is missing a nail.
  2. billyjb26

    event What was your first reaction to Pom

    I liked some of the performances: Work Bitch, Gimme More, MATM, Piece of Me, Break The Ice, 3, the Slave 4 U breakdown, and the Toxic breakdown. Seeing her "perform" Alien live was cool, too. The wigs and painted abs were awful, but in the beginning she actually wore pants, crop tops, and body suits, so that was a plus. Seeing her perform parts of the original MATM choreography in a flattering outfit was great. She also still (mostly) had her old face. Solid B- show. I never saw the show in person, but I was pleased with the videos I saw. 3.5 out of 5 stars. As for today's show, on the other hand...
  3. billyjb26

    tour POM Meet and Greet Evolution

    She looked best in 2014 and 2015. Most everything before and after that was messy for a whole variety of reasons...
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    other Do you have any Britney tic?

    I play with my hair a lot when I get anxious.
  5. billyjb26

    other Honestly why wasn’t this the Glory album cover

    I feel like it would have sold a bit better if that was the actual cover. And then it would make sense for her to re-use that picture for everything.