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  1. billyjb26

    tour What Was Your Reaction to the FFT

    I mean, it was kind of a mess. I don't think I liked a single outfit that she performed in. But there were pre-recorded vocals, and she NEVER wore her hair in a messy bun or pony tail. There was some good dancing occasionally as well. Off the top of my head: Original Slave 4 U choreography (aside from walking on a treadmill through the first verse ) plus a new halfway decent breakdown Up N Down was decent 3 was decent Big Fat Bass eventually had decent breakdown choreography Gimme More was very theatrical and well produced Trouble For Me was actually a pretty good performance How I Roll was choreographed well too HIAM was performed well on some occasions too Till The World Ends had good choreography for Nicki Minaj's verse Not to mention, who knew that would be the last tour we got to see THIS face in?
  2. billyjb26

    socialney MIA: Cuecardney

    First thing I noticed too. Tragic...
  3. billyjb26

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    I had to stop after 20 seconds tbh... She moves her arms and hands way too fast and it's just...cringe worthy. I don't get it. I kinda feel embarrassed for her
  4. billyjb26

    event New Vegas residency would be career suicide.

    If she wanted to, she could be on top again. The problem for us fans is that her priorities shifted when she had kids and then a mental breakdown. Britney's first priority is her boys, then comes her love life, then her vanilla candles, Starbucks and yoga, and THEN her career. She will continue in Vegas for a long time until that changes. We will see brief glimpses of the old Britney from time to time, but the new Britney is probably here to stay for the long run. Whatever choreography that isn't scrapped will be half-assed and/or filled with nervous tics, her hair and makeup will usually be a mess, she will continue with the plastic surgery, and her costumes will consist entirely of lingerie. I'm not happy about it either... But I'm not delusional in thinking that things will suddenly get better.
  5. billyjb26

    socialney Something positive about now

    She is a fascinating person who, underneath all of the recent career missteps, still has some of that star power that brought her to international fame in the first place.
  6. billyjb26

    exhale Do you still STAN Britney?

    I was a stan until X Factor, BJ, and POM happened. Since then, she hasn't aged gracefully (poor skin care, poor styling, too much plastic surgery), her singing voice isn't what it used to be (see: Private Show), and her dancing isn't what it used to be (outside of rehearsals.) I follow her only because of nostalgia - I wait for those brief moments where the old Britney shines through.
  7. billyjb26

    tour Another scrapped move

    This is depressing... The move isn't even that hard WTF
  8. billyjb26

    other Remember when Britney drew her abs on

    Yes... They really completed the look. Can't decide if that was my favorite part, or the wigs...