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  1. True but I’m guessing if she speaks out against the conservators wishes then there will be even less chance she can see her kids
  2. Can these ppl be anymore vague ? if you’re going to try and make a public statement , we have to be able to understand what it’s saying . 😐
  3. Oh my the saddest part is that his good intentions were there. I hope people aren’t dragging him!
  4. Thank you for creating this website for Britney fans around the world
  5. Wow this is wild!! Can someone explain to me why this song was released worldwide suddenly ? Was there a campaign for it?
  6. her celebrating the release of her album is literally so minuscule compared to the problem they are fighting for . People on Twitter need to grow up.
  7. This is literal pop perfection 😭😭😭😭😭 I love it so much. Can’t wait for chromatica!!!!!!!! And for BLACKPINK AND GAGA.
  8. They shouldn’t have even responded to him but this was all probably scooters idea. Love Ariana , but celebrities are so lame sometimes . Britney stays unbothered by any drama . Love that about her .
  9. I think it was my favourite off that album ! The song was fire but the video could’ve been better
  10. I would have preferred if he had choreographed something simple but still beautiful for Britney to also do. Maybe she wasn’t into it tho
  11. Of course she’s self made. Look at the others on the list. Most of them became billionaires after inheriting their family’s wealth
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