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  1. Originally posted by Mikiko

    Originally posted by Jade

    John Cusack is the idiot. How dare he call anyone a slut.

    Agreed. But I do find Hilary a bit rude for taking on that role. It\'s true that she has no say about the script since she isn\'t the writer, but she does have a choice on taking on a role that portrays Britney as that.

    It\'s like a song. Someone else wrote it for to be sung, but the singer doesn\'t necessarily have to sing it.

    I\'m not trying to hate on Hilary in anyway, I do think she\'s a nice girl. I would\'ve said the same thing about anyone else who takes on that role.

    No for real are you kidding me? She is an actress. It\'s a movie. It has nothing to do with Britney. For your information that movie finished filming like last Feb 2007.

  2. Originally posted by Glam

    And for the record, that radio station is a bunch of ass holes. Yeah, Chris did overreact .. But that song at the end, that was unnecessary.

    They are making fun of Britney by using HIM. You people who like him need to get your head examined.

    His moment of fame should be over. Don\'t drag it on.